Anna Benson: 'Baseball Wives' Star Goes on Rampage with Stun Gun and Adult Toy

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistDecember 1, 2011

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Fighting on reality shows is commonplace, but the psychotic fit of rage that Anna Benson went into with adult toy in hand and stun gun within reach is almost too bizarre to believe.

TMZ reports that the ridiculous behavior of the wife of former Mets pitcher Kris Benson has some staff members ready to call it quits.

Benson has made herself look foolish and brandishing an adult toy and stun gun has destroyed her public image. It's one thing to go on a reality show and become a nemesis. It's another thing entirely to go on a reality show and embarrass yourself.

If this demonstration was half as out of control as it sounds, Benson might need to be psychologically evaluated.

Of course it's unclear as to what the circumstances surrounding this altercation were, but who in their right mind would think that this would be the logical course of action to take under any circumstances?

Kris Benson has to be humiliated. This sort of behavior is uncalled for and Anna Benson, who is in the public eye more than ever before, failed miserably at portraying herself as a sane, respectable human being.

Reality shows love a good train wreck. This is sure to send ratings through the roof, but at what cost? Benson is now going to be known as the crazy baseball wife who went off the edge and started attacking cast mates with an adult toy.

Nevertheless, Benson has cemented herself in the crazy WAG Hall of Fame for all of eternity. If her goal was to gain notoriety by taking psycho to an entirely different level, mission accomplished.

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