San Francisco 49ers: It Was Ugly, But it Was Still a Win

co f.Contributor IDecember 23, 2008

I would like to start this article off by dedicating it to fellow sports enthusiast my grandfather Bill "Papa" Turner.

The throws looked bad and the consistency we're used to seeing from QB Shaun Hill wasn't there. What happened?

A few passes were dropped. Some were over thrown and others were like what were you thinking. But was all of it Hill"s fault? I don"t think so.

Once again the offensive line looked horrible for most of the game giving up three sacks again. Hill's three interceptions were the direct result of poor protection. Plus, let's not forget about the one fumble by Hill too.

The penalties and lack of consistent pressure from the defensive line once again shows up for most of the game. Looks like a 4-3 line up might work a little better for the Niners right now instead of 3-4. That way you get one more of those athletic D-Linemen on the field.

DeShaun Foster had another unremarkable day for the Niners. He has filled in well for Gore, but why not go with the youth movement even more and let's see what Thomas Clayton can do.

The linebackers played well and the secondary played well except for a few plays.

But the real underlying problem here wasn't just the lack of execution by the players, but the bad play calling of Mike Martz.

It looked like he was trying to prove something to his old team with all those really pass plays that Hill does not excel at. Short to intermediate passes with a power run game is where Hill"s bread and butter are. So how many times does Martz have to be reminded of this? Fire him now!

Ultimately, this win does belong to Coach Singletary and the entire Niner team minus OC Mike Martz. They stuck together and believed in each other to do their jobs. Not for some years have Niner fans been treated to such a come back after looking so bad for so long in a game.

To close, whether it's pretty or ugly a win is a win!