The Young and the Restless: Are The Bears in the Midst of a Playoff Run?

Joe WillettSenior Writer IDecember 23, 2008

The Chicago Bears have been extremely annoying this season, and last night was no exception.

They played horribly, being everythinged by the Packers all night long, but still found a way to pull it out at the end.

Matt Forte showed up late and scored the game tying touchdown and also set the rookie record for rushing yards for the Chicago Bears on that same play, which made that single run oh-so-sweet.

Kyle Orton and Robbie Gould combined for the perfect storm last night, thanks to a bad game by Orton and three field goals by Gould, I somehow came back from two points down in fantasy football with just my kicker against the opposing team's quarterback, I ended up winning by one point, just an amazing side note.

Alex Brown was by far the MVB (Most Valuable Bear, for those who are a little slow) with his interception (a stroke of luck) and then his blocked field goal that won the game for the Bears (a stroke of brilliance).

I think this out of context quote shows his play perfectly.  "I came through pretty good,” Brown said after the game.

Danniel Manning continued to make his case to become "Windy City Flyer Part Deux" by returning a kickoff 70 yards to the Green Bay 29 yard-line on a return where he dragged a Packer with him for at least 30 yards, it was a thing of beauty.

Another side note from that return, the man he dragged along with him was Jarrett Bush, which I am going to believe is payback for him agreeing to be interviewed by me and then never responding to another e-mail by me.  Karma's a b****.

Side note of the side note, Bush also had a punt bounce off of him to be recovered by the Bears.  Karma is working overtime, suck it Bush (you and your presidential brethren).

Manning also was the player who tipped the Aaron Rodgers pass that was intercepted by Alex Brown, so both of those players made big special teams plays and were also part of the same interception play, each playing a pivotal part.

More side notes, Aaron Rodgers out-gained the Bears offense (260 to 210), an amazing act of futility by the Bears offense as a whole and the Packers offense in the clutch.  Even more amazing, the first half yardage totals for each team read 221-48 in favor of the Packers, just an amazingly bad first half for the Bears. 

After a huge game by Ryan Grant and the Packers running game during the first game between these two (200 yards rushing in a 37-3 drumming of the Bears), the Bears run defense bounced back allowing just 65 total rushing yards.

The amazing game not only was a big win in an exciting Monday Night Football game against a hated rival, but it kept the Bears in the race for the NFC North crown, where they are stuck behind the rival Minnesota Vikings (stupid Andrew Kneeland).

The hopes of the Vikings should still be up with the resurgence of Tarvaris Jackson who played amazingly (as long as you black out the fumbles) in all facets of the game.  For the past two weeks, he has reminded me of Michael Vick with a more accurate arm (lets hope his life turns out a little better).

Now we have to rely on the hopes that the New York Giants won't take the week off since they have already clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. 

We also have to hope that equally impressive rookie Steve Slaton doesn't come up huge for the already out of the race Texans.

Overall, a lot of things have to happen for the Bears to make the playoffs, but after last night, we still know that anything is possible, and the Bears playoff hopes might not just be too little too late.

I'm Joe W.

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