Charlie Weis: The “What-Ifs” Continue

Tim McGuireContributor IDecember 23, 2008

When Jack Swarbrick gave Charlie Weis his vote of confidence on December 3, the AD had to believe that the alums and fans would cease speculation about a new coach.  He was wrong.  The blogs are filled with threads that speculate about all the possible off ramps to Mr. Swarbrick’s current plan. 

The statements by Urban Meyer have only added to the frenzy. 

The following are three of the most interesting “What-ifs:” 

Number One:  What if Charlie’s Irish get their butts kicked in Honolulu?

In a little over 24 hours, the Irish kick-off against the UH Warriors.  This is a game that the Irish should win, but they could absolutely lose.  This scenario relies on the premise that losing to Hawaii would be either more embarrassing than losing to Syracuse or in combination with the Syracuse loss make this a very embarrassing season overall. 

That the Irish at 6-7 would still be better than last years 3-9 team is completely discounted.  Anyway, this scenario has the University rethinking the December 3rd decision, and Weis gets fired. 

The corollary to “What-if” number one is the: What if Urban Meyer’s Gators dominate the National Championship game, he has nothing left to prove at Florida and he decides to take his self-described “Dream Job?”  This corollary has the Irish faithful in a tither. 

Number Two:  What if Charlie’s surgeries leave him incapacitated?

The speculation refers back to the by-pass surgery that nearly claimed his life.  The reasoning is that Charlie is fragile and that since he has to go under the knife twice that would mean he has twice the chance to be incapacitated. 

The majority of folks think that he would be fine and could serve the University in some other capacity.  The fact that the man has been getting around on a couple of really bad pegs flies in the face of the fragility part.

This scenario also has a corollary.  What if Lou Holtz would agree to return to ND to coach the team until an adequate coaching search culminating in the hiring of Urban Meyer could be conducted.  That Coach Meyer’s youngest child is a few years away from graduating is ignored.  Of course, this is a condition that Coach Meyer implies must be met before he would return to South Bend.

Number Three:  What if Charlie dies during the surgery?

This one pisses me off.  We are a Catholic University for the love of…  I actually read this and had to check the blogger’s profile.  The guy who wrote this actually graduated from Notre Dame.  He must not have had the same Theology classes that I had to take.  This one is especially wonderful when you consider that this is the Christmas Season.

And now, I will add my own what if…  What if Charlie Weis is our coach next year?  Well, my what-if seems to be the most likely to be true.