Are the New York Yankees Wasting Their Money?

Max ColtenCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2008

Okay Yankee fans, congratulations, you have Mark Teixeira.

Now that we have witnessed yet another monster Yankee contract, have we finally seen the Steinbrenner family spend too much?

Not at all.

What everyone must understand is that the Yankees are the Yankees, and as long as a Steinbrenner is at the helm, they will spend money to create the best team possible.

Now, this is not to say the Yankees overspent on Mark Teixeira. In fact, they probably got a pretty good deal. A Gold Glove-winning first baseman, a power hitter from both sides of the plate, and not to mention the guy can hit for average too.

Eight years and $180 million doesn't sound too bad to me for a player like that.

Now, some people will say that the combination of C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Mark Teixeira is not that great for the $400 million plus New York has spent on these three guys.

But let's face it, the Yankees are replacing Mike Mussina and Carl Pavano with C.C. and A.J., as well as replacing Bobby Abreu and Jason Giambi for Mark Teixeira. Not too bad by my standards (and I'm a diehard Mets fan).

This actually brings up the most important part of this discussion: expectations. While the Yankees will spend less money on contracts than last year, there will be only one goal on the minds of Hank and Hal: a World Series title.

This tends to happen when you spend so much money on just a couple of players. After all, the Yankees have brought in three of the top five free agents (KROD and Manny being the other two) in this year's class.

It had been my belief that the Yankees would finish second in the AL East behind Boston. However, that was assuming the Red Sox would sign Teixeira. Now that the Yankees have signed him, I'm not even sure if the Red Sox will make the playoffs this year.

But calm down Yankee fans, there is always the chance Manny goes back home! (Actually, that's very unlikely, but we'll save that discussion for another day.)

Finally, let's talk New York media. Will Mark Teixeira be able to handle the pressure-cooker that is New York after spending his entire career with the Texas Rangers, the non-competitive Atlanta Braves, and a half year with a contending Angels?

The simple answer is, YES! As long as Alex Rodriquez plays in the Bronx and doesn't perform in the postseason, Mark will have nothing to worry about.

It isn't like he hasn't played in the much tougher American League before. Don't worry, he won't have a problem. If worst comes to worst, you all can send him over to Flushing!

Just think Yankees fans: "Now batting, number twenty-five, Mark Teixeira."