Bring On The National Championship Already!

Tim BondCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2008


When the FedEx BCS National Championship rolls around we will be watching what everyone perceives as two teams among the elite this season.

We will have the pleasure of watching two teams going against each other from arguably the two best conferences in the nation. And that has never faced each other on the field before.


As you know by now, Oklahoma will be facing Florida January 8th, 2009. What does this game have in store for us when we look at what each team has done this season?


Oklahoma has score over 700 points, 702 to be exact. This is only the third time in the history of college football that this feat has been accomplished. And the first in the modern era of college football.

The Sooners have also score at least 61 points in five straight games. This is just the second time this has occurred. Tulsa in 1919 also accomplished this feat.

This will be the second time that two Heisman winning quarterbacks will face off against each other in the BCS era. The first time was when Jason White of Oklahoma played against Matt Leinart of Southern Cal.


Florida has been as dominate as any team has been in recent history. They have a lot of speed on offense that should cause some problems for Oklahoma. This offense is led by one of the most prolific and exciting quarterbacks that college football has ever witnessed.


The Gators have a suffocating defense with tons of speed and great discipline. However, their defense will be facing a no huddle offensive juggernaut that is unrelenting in forcing their will on opposing defenses.


This game is shaping up to be an instant classic.


Throw out the perceptions of the opposing conference fans. Those of the SEC think the Big 12 does not play defense. Those of the Big 12 believe that the SEC lack any true offensive powerhouses.


You have a coach on one side that was an intricate part in helping Florida to their first ever National Championship in 1996 and getting Oklahoma out of their dark years. On the other side, you have the coach that led the Gators to their second title in 11 years.


We should see both teams score points. We should experience an exciting high scoring game. We all should be watching a game that is truly billed as a national championship game.


But will we really see all of this?

I remember in 2000, Oklahoma was facing another team from Florida, in Florida. Both teams scored a lot of points and had decent defenses. However the game produced the lowest scoring BCS Title game to date. Will we have the same type of outcome this time?


People want to think not. But it is possible. Both teams are good at ball hawking. Both teams are very disciplined and fast.


If you are a fan of either team, you are ready for this game to be played. We all are tired of the wait.


If you are a fan of a different team, you should be ready for this game. It should be a dandy. Everyone has predicted this, that, and the other. People have pulled out and compared stats from every direction. Fans have talked trash and respect about both teams on the message boards and chat rooms.


All you fans of teams not participating really want a playoff? I know it would have been good for this year. But would a playoff really create this much excitement and animosity? Would a playoff really gather this much interest, even from fans of other teams? Would a playoff really be worth what we have today? The build up of a month long wait for a game that is billed as the National Championship?

All answers lead to no.


Bring on the Gators. Bring on the Sooners.


Better yet, bring on the 2008 National Championship game already!