WWE News: Former Women's Champ Possibly Returning for Feud with Beth Phoenix

Drake OzSenior Writer IIDecember 1, 2011

The WWE Divas division may have less depth now than it has had at any other point in the history of the company. 

Aside from Eve, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and Natalya, there aren’t many Divas who are taken seriously by fans. Even including anyone besides Beth and Natalya might be a bit of a stretch. 

As a result, fans have called for the WWE to bring in more women who can actually wrestle, whether that means hiring some of the top indy workers or bringing back some former WWE divas from the past. 

As it turns out, the WWE may be doing the latter. Soon. 

From F4Wonline.com (via WrestleNewz.com)

There have been rumblings that WWE is close to bringing back a former Women’s Champion to feud with Beth Phoenix and Natalya. No word yet on who that might be. 

Good move, WWE. 

With Beth Phoenix and Natalya currently working as a duo and Kharma sidelined due to her pregnancy—not to mention the fact that the only money matchup we want to see right now is Natalya vs. Beth—it would be wise for the WWE to bring back a former Women’s Champ to breathe some new life into the division. 

I think the likeliest choice for a comeback is Michelle McCool. She’s still relatively young, and with The Undertaker likely coming back soon, she probably wouldn’t mind wrestling again if it meant she could be on the road with her husband. Though I’ve never been a big fan of McCool, she’s definitely better than any Diva currently on the roster not named Beth or Natalya. 

That being said, I would love if the WWE were able to work out a deal with someone like Lita or Trish Stratus for a return to the WWE. They’re two of the greatest Divas in WWE history and any combination of Trish, Lita, Beth and Natalya would be great wrestling-wise, especially compared to what we get out of the Divas today. 

As the article indicates, we’re not sure who’s coming back. I’d put my money on McCool or Trish, with Lita as a long shot. 

If it’s any one of those three, though, you won’t hear any complaints from me.