NBA Trade Speculation: Utah Jazz Should Consider Trading for Andre Iguodala

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NBA Trade Speculation: Utah Jazz Should Consider Trading for Andre Iguodala
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Now that the NBA is back, it's time for all the rumors and speculation to arise. Including this.

Andre Iguodala is one of the biggest names that has been involved in trade rumors for a few years now and many Philadelphia fans have been extremely disappointed that the Sixers have yet to trade to him.

I, for one, believe that they should only trade him for the right price. For some reason there are people who would trade him for a salary dump.

Of all the rumored players, the one I like the most is Kevin Martin. Unfortunately, he is the least rumored one (sigh). Monta Ellis seems like a good option, but he just doesn't fit here. Therefore, I think the 76ers should search for new sellers and do some shopping with...

The Utah Jazz.

Just hear me out. I will be the first to tell you Iguodala would be a perfect fit there.

At first, I wanted them to deal Iguodala to the Jazz for Derrick Favors. However, it has been recently reported by ESPN that they think very highly of both Favors and recently drafted Enes Kanter. So there went my possible Derrick Favors idea. 

A rare Sixers solution would be tarnished and shot down quickly. Ugh. I can say it would have been great though (if that makes me feel any better).

But anyway, there are still more routes to take with the Jazz other than that. Specifically with Al Jefferson.

Sure, the Sixers just drafted a new center in Nikola Vucevic, but Jefferson is much more proven and is still young (only 26 years old). 

The one problem Iggy brings to the Sixers is that he has stunted Evan Turner's growth and is preventing a duo of Turner and Jrue Holiday. Having said that, I do believe there is a small chance they can coexist, but it would be very challenging.

Who does this trade benefit more?

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Therefore if the Sixers cannot find a spot shooter to trade for that would be worth it (I don't know why they aren't chasing Kevin Martin), then they should go after a big man. Jefferson is by far their best and most reasonable option.

Think about how the team would be shaped after this: Jrue Holiday running the point, Jodie Meeks/Lou Williams at the 2, Turner taking over the small forward, Elton Brand at the 4 and Jefferson at center. With Thaddeus Young coming off the bench, the lineup becomes even more expendable and versatile.

As for the Jazz, this is just as good on their side. First off, they have really high expectations in Kanter and they are already very deep at the 4 slot with Paul Millsap and Favors. At the 1, Devin Harris has proven he is a very durable point guard who can run the offense.

The Jazz go unnoticed as one of the most versatile, upcoming teams in the league hands down. However, what they lack is a wingman who can play lock-down defense and run the court very well with their young squad.

Can somebody say Iguodala?

His name is all over this position. I honestly believe that he would really help them make a jump into title contention in a few years, especially if their young players (Favors, Kanter, Alec Burks) build into solid players which is very possible.

The Sixers haven't had a legit center for years and Jefferson can fill that hole, while Iggy is the perfect fit for the Jazz. 

Utah and Philly, make this deal happen.

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