Pac-12 Football: Updates on Conference Recruits

Luke KemperContributor IIIDecember 2, 2011

Pac-12 Football: Updates on Conference Recruits

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    There have been a lot of visits and changes in top schools for top recruits in the West. 

    This article specifically entails updates for top prospects that are not committed and are most likely bound to commit to a school in the Pac-12. 

    One update for a prospect that would have made the list, Reggie Daniels, is that he recently committed. The No. 10 overall rated safety (by committed on Tuesday to the Oregon Ducks.

    This may come as a surprise since one of his teammates, Kendyl Taylor, is already committed to Washington.

DeForest Buckner DE

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    DeForest Buckner’s recruitment has been very quiet, but he said that he will be taking officials to UCLA, Cal, Oregon and Washington.

    Other than where he is visiting, not much is known about Buckner and where he will land. There will be a much clearer picture once he takes his trips, but until then, it is a guessing game.

    Prediction: Cal

Jeremiah Poutasi OT

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    Jeremiah Poutasi recently visited Washington on an official and was blown away, naming them the co-leader along with Utah.

    The other officials that he has taken have been to Utah and Arizona State, with one planned for Oklahoma State, who just got in the mix.

    Other than Utah and Washington, Poutasi has not revealed any other schools as his leaders, so it looks like it will be a race between the two. Utah has been a favorite much longer than Washington, so I would give them the edge.

    Prediction: Utah

Keivarae Russell RB

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    Keivarae Russell has only made one official visit, which was to Notre Dame. The other four schools that make his top-five are Cal, USC, Oregon and Washington. Oregon is the recent addition, knocking Boise State from the spot.

    There have been rumors flying around that Russell could very well be a silent commit to Oregon, but he quickly denied them all when asked.

    Washington has been the assumed favorite for a very long time, but Oregon could make a late push and sneak him out from under their nose.

    Prediction: Washington

Brandon Beaver CB

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    Brandon Beaver has taken visits to Nebraska and Washington, with a visit to Cal scheduled.

    The schools among Beaver’s top choices are Arizona State, Georgia, Nebraska, USC, Utah and Washington.

    It has long been thought that Beaver has been a silent commit to Washington, and even if he were, the Huskies should not consider him in their back pocket.

    USC has not offered yet, but they are making a late and heavy push for him, which could be trouble for Washington. Assuming the rumors are true, though, Washington should be able to hold onto him.

    Within the last few days, Beaver has been heavily recruited by the Bulldogs of Georgia, setting up an official visit there. Beaver is showing heavy interest right back at them, so they could make a late push, too.

    He now says that he will hold off his announcement until signing day instead of the US Army All-American game. 

    Prediction: Washington

D.J. Foster RB

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    D.J. Foster has taken officials to Nebraska, Oregon and Arizona State so far. He has established a top-four of Arizona State, Auburn, Oregon and USC.

    Oregon may have received a commitment from a top running back recently in Byron Marshall, but I do not think it will deter Foster from them. The only school who could contend would be the in-state Sun Devils.

    Prediction: Oregon

Joey O’Connor OG

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    Since leaving Penn State due to the scandal, Joey O’Connor has still been pretty quiet. He has heard from some high-caliber schools like Notre Dame and Michigan, but has not said if he has offers from them.

    He is leaving everyone in the dark. If we were predicting just to predict, I would guess Colorado. They are in-state and have produced good linemen, including first-round draft pick Nate Solder.

    Prediction: Colorado

Kevon Seymour CB

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    Kevon Seymour has visited Oregon and Washington so far, but did not seem that impressed with either.

    Oregon said they see him as a receiver, and he wants to play corner. Washington impressed him, but did not wow him—even with teammate Tairen Owens already committed to Washington with him.

    Other schools that are in the running include USC, UCLA, Cal, Florida and Utah.

    Seymour has always been high on USC, and that has not changed a bit.

    Prediction: USC

Ishmael Adams CB

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    There is some recent news around Ishmael Adams, as he rearranged his top schools. While it was considered a race between Cal and Oregon, Oregon is no longer in his top targets. His top-four consists of Arizona State, Notre Dame, Cal and UCLA.

    He is saving his last visit for Cal, and since it was previously a race between them and Oregon, who was eliminated, it seems like the obvious choice.

    Prediction: Cal

Aziz Shittu

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    Aziz Shittu has given no hints in regards to his recruiting.

    He has taken an official visit to Texas A&M and has unofficially visited a couple of other schools. He was planning on visiting Washington with his teammate, Matt Cochran, but cancelled last minute and is planning on rescheduling.

    I think that it will be hard to pull Shittu out of California, but Washington and Texas A&M are probably the only schools who could possibly do it.

    Prediction: Cal

Davonte' Neal

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    Davonte' Neal has been playing his recruitment close to the vest, but is working on scheduling an official to Notre Dame. Three schools will be coming for in-home visits to see Neal this week, which are Notre Dame, Utah and Washington.

    Neal has not released a top selection, but surprisingly, he has eliminated the in-state schools of Arizona and Arizona State. Some schools that he said he is favoring, though, are Washington, Notre Dame, LSU, USC, Auburn, Boston College and North Carolina.

    The rumor flying around in the recruiting circles is that Washington has been making a big push to land him, and it is working very well, as they are his leader. We do not have anything else concrete to go off of; I have to base my prediction on that.

    Prediction: Washington

Zach Banner OT

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    Zach Banner had an offer from possibly every single powerhouse in the entire country before he started cutting down his list.

    He has already visited Michigan, Notre Dame and Oklahoma and is scheduling his final two visits to USC and Washington.

    The Huskies have been in the driver's seat for a long time now, and the news keeps getting better for their chances to land Banner.

    He decided to announce his decision at his high school instead of during the Army All-American game, and that is usually a very good sign for the hometown team.

    Prediction: Washington

Kyle Murphy OT

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    Kyle Murphy has visited Oregon and Florida so far, but will be visiting Stanford, USC and Cal as well.

    It has been said to be a race between Stanford and USC, but since academics are very important to him, I see Murphy going to Stanford.

    Prediction: Stanford

Ellis McCarthy DT

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    Ellis McCarthy has only made one visit, and after that visit, he named the host Ducks his new favorite. He will be taking officials to the others in his top-four, which is USC, Cal and Washington.

    While Oregon currently is the leader, USC has been the favorite for a long time, and many believe that he will end up there because it will be hard to pull him out of Southern California.

    Despite the fact that Cal and Washington will be receiving official visits, it is a race between USC and Oregon.

    Prediction: USC

Josh Garnett OL

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    Josh Garnett took his first official visit this weekend to Ann Arbor to see the rivalry game against Ohio State. He had a blast hanging with Michigan commit Erik Magnuson and former Wolverine Jake Long.

    The only other official that he currently has planned is to Miami, but did unofficially visit Stanford this season.

    It has long been a race between Stanford and Washington for Garnett with no clear-cut leader ever established. Garnett is currently scheduling an official visit to Washington, which is good for Husky fans because he said that they would not receive one since they are so close.

    I give Washington the edge since they are the hometown team, but certainly do not count out Stanford and the dark horse, Michigan.

    Prediction: Washington

Shaq Thompson S

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    A week ago Shaq Thompson returned from his official visit from Arizona State with some big news. His last visit will go to Utah, but he has a top-three consisting of Cal, Washington and Arizona State.

    Just a week later Thompson announced yet a new school had entered his top, making a new top five including in order Cal, Washington, USC, Arizona State, and Oregon. USC is the new school in the top after they impressed him and his mom during their in home visit.

    Thompson was committed to Cal for a week over the summer before opening things back up and has always been considered a lock for them.

    They are the favorite, but do not count out Washington, who has also been a favorite of his throughout the whole process.

    Prediction: Cal

Arik Armstead DE

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    Arik Armstead has been staying very busy since he opened his recruiting back up. He has taken visits already to Notre Dame, Oregon and Alabama with another scheduled for Texas.

    Everyone is hoping to earn that final visit, and the other schools in the running for it are USC, Cal, UCLA and Washington.

    I think that he felt that he did not get to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime recruiting process and just wanted to shop around, but will still end up at USC.

    Prediction: USC