Toronto Maple Leafs: Setting Up the Christmas Dinner

AndrewCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2008

Jeremy Williams is red-hot right out of the oven, while Justin Pogge is leading us into a merry Christmas, but have we reached our “Ho Ho Ho” yet?

This has been a good year for prospects, well, for Leaf prospects; I don’t want to get started on the whole Stamkos issue. Despite showing a good start last season, Jeremy Williams went cold and was sent back to the Marlies.

However, he’s been great this season. He's found chemistry and has been able to put pucks in the net. I’ll admit, it’s probably just a fluke, I doubt he’s going to score a goal in every single game in his career (or every second game and whatnot), but the kid’s got talent and it’s time to have him in the big leagues.

He got a goal and an assist last night in Atlanta, which makes up for his zero points in one game the other night. He’s also found chemistry with Moore, and that’s important, because it can lead to his consistency throughout the season.

Justin Pogge. “WOW,” no, I’m not talking about World of Warcraft, I’m talking about the adjective “WOW” (in caps). There’s no other way to describe Justin Pogge’s performance last night. You could say you were speechless, but that’s the problem with being speechless, no sound comes out so you can’t really describe it.

Although he let in two goals, which is okay for a goaltender, it was his first regular season NHL game and it was against the likes of Kovalchuk. They say Justin Pogge is the future of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and so far, the future looks bright.

We have our Christmas dinner set up. Nice warm cookies right out of the oven (Williams), a little eggnog to spice up the night (Hollweg), and who could forget the good ol’ Christmas ham. Yup, that’s right, Justin Pogge’s the ham.

Don’t get me wrong on this, I’m not saying anything bad about the ham, personally, I prefer the ham than the cookie and/or eggnog, but remember that the ham is something special that not everyone necessarily has.

We’re forgetting something aren’t we? The turkey!

All the other foods rotate around the big nice juice Christmas turkey. Last year, I could’ve said Mats Sundin was the turkey, but this year, it won’t be a person, it’s going to be a thing. Something the Leafs haven’t had in a while, a playoff spot.

The thing is, we don’t need a turkey. We can have Christmas without a turkey. We can just have the ham and save money on the turkey so we can have a lobster dinner sometime next year (Tavares).

I’m really not happy where the Leafs are right now; they’re right in the middle between the playoffs and the bottom 10. If you aren’t even within the top 10 for a draft, you can’t really say you tanked the season because you tanked a season that you might’ve done well in, and you didn’t get a good outcome in the end.

Santa Claus only comes once a year (the NHL Entry Draft) and you have to be on the good list to get a good gift. The Leafs gave a second round pick to the New York Islanders in order to switch spots.

This ended up being a great choice—we’ve all seen the outcome of Luke Schenn—now, how about if we could get it again! But this time, not give up a second-round pick. Imagine two Luke Schenns! We’d make a killer team!

I personally think the Leafs should go for the draft pick, they’ve shown that they can be a strong team lately, but it’s just going to hurt them in the long run if they go for the playoffs.

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Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah to everyone!