On Wisconsin! Why The Badger Band Is the Best in the Land (Sorry, Ohio State)

Curt HoggCorrespondent IIDecember 23, 2008

It's one of the many reasons why college sports have a better atmosphere than that of professional sports. The band blasts out the home school's fight song, creating an un- replicable setting. You can't help but stand up with the student section and clap along with the beat.

But which band is the best? To be honest, anyone in their right mind would put the Wisconsin Badger Band in the top three. To me, the Badger Band is numbero uno.

For all you Ohio State fans out there, the OSU band is great and all, but not as good as the ensemble in Madison. Just because you can spell "Ohio" doesn't make yourselves the self-proclaimed "Best Damn Band in the Land." Where is the "State" to follow the "Ohio"?

After the game on Saturdays, anyone within three blocks of Camp Randall Stadium will still have On Wisconsin, Hot Time, If You Want to Be a Badger, and Roll Out the Barrell ringing through their ears. This cannot be remedied.

On numerous game days, prior to kickoff, the band begins their show with an on-field performance. This is usually the first of three performances.

At how many other college football sites will you see the tubas running around and rolling over? Or the entire band running around in what looks like chaos but to see a big W spelled out? What about the different sections of the band going to different areas of the stadium to play for the fans? Answer: None.

The fight song is On Wisconsin. It has to be one of the catchiest, uptempo, make-you-clap-when-you-hear-it, fight songs in America. Yes, maybe Rocky Top is a better song, but On Wisconsin sure is up there.

And how about good ol' Hot Time? It starts off slow but eventually gets the Grateful Red student section swaying back and forth. If you hear it once, you won't forget it.

At the end of every football game, win or lose, the Badger Band comes on for the best band-related tradition in college football: the Fifth Quarter. Now the band really gets moving. Tubas rolling, trumpets flaring, trombones swaying—it's a work of art. Almost the entire crowd stays to watch this.

There you have it. The Badger Band is the best in the land. All the little band geeks (including me) in Wisconsin want to be able to play in the Badger Band.

For more fight songs, go to www.fightmusic.com. Go Wisconsin Badgers and Go Bucky!