Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito: 10 Nastiest Moments of Their Rivalry

Justin Tate@justindavidtateCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2011

Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito: 10 Nastiest Moments of Their Rivalry

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    Miguel Cotto (36-2, 29 KO) vs. Antonio Margarito (38-7, 27 KO) plans to not only just be the biggest battle, but the downright nastiest and most vicious battle of the year.

    Blood will spill and bones shall break. These men hate each other. They despise one another. On the road to this rivalry, there have been many nasty moments.

    From horrific comments to disrespectful gestures, here are the 10 nastiest moments of the Cotto and Margarito rivalry.

10. Cotto Calls Margarito a Criminal

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    "He used the plaster against me. He looked and acted like a criminal."

    -Miguel Cotto via Sports Illustrated


    The official jury is not out as to whether Margarito used plaster in their original matchup or not, but Cotto has already convicted and labeled Margarito a criminal in his heart. Nasty.

9. Margarito Vows To Put Cotto on a Stretcher

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    "This fight, I'll beat him by knockout. They will take Cotto out on a stretcher."

    -Antonio Margarito via Sports Illustrated


    Margarito vows to basically hospitalize Cotto. That's pretty nasty.

8. Margarito Dismisses Cotto and Pledges To Hurt Him Like He Had Plaster

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    "F--k Cotto. If they think that I had plaster, it will hurt like I was using plaster. And he will know it."

    -Antonio Margarito via Ring Magazine


    Margarito responds to Cotto's claims of using plaster with a prediction that he will hurt Cotto that exact same way, thus reproducing the worst moment in his career. Nasty as hell!

7. Cotto Raises an Early Suspicious Eyebrow to Margarito

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    "All I know is when everybody gets their hands wrapped, they know what's in them. They know if there's something in their hand wraps or not. As a fighter, you know if there's something in there."

    -Miguel Cotto via ESPN a month after Margarito is caught with plaster in his gloves.


    Cotto comments on the "plaster-gate" situation and whether he believes Margarito used plaster against him or not a month after Shane Mosley's trainer Naazim Richardson sees the plaster in Margarito's gloves.

    Here, Cotto doesn't explicitly say he believes Margarito is using plaster. He does however suggest that a boxer should definitely know what's being put in their gloves.

    This is something Margarito denies knowing on that particular night. 

6. Cotto Comments on the "Rules"

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    "You go into the ring thinking you're all playing by the same rules. This is sport, this isn't a slaughterhouse. This is about fighting at the best of your abilities. We should all go in the ring and be ready to fight with what we have, our own abilities and our own preparation."

    -Miguel Cotto via ESPN


    Here Cotto already is on the attack just a month after Margarito is caught with plaster, setting their rivalry to a boil.

5. Cotto Says Margarito's Plaster Incident Gives the Sport a Black Eye

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    "This is not a good thing for boxing. It gives boxing another black eye—another incident boxing doesn't need."

    -Miguel Cotto via ESPN


    Cotto suggests boxing doesn't need Margarito's plaster "incident," which may also suggest boxing doesn't need Margarito. Way to stoke the fire there Cotto!

4. Bob Arum Chooses Sides

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    "F--k it, I'm going to stand up for what I believe is right."

    -Bob Arum via Ring Magazine


    Cotto and Margarito both fight under the same promotion, Top Rank. Bob Arum's the boss, and naturally, he took sides with one of his employees.

    He feels Margarito is innocent and didn't know of the plaster in the Mosley fight and didn't use plaster during the first fight with Cotto.

    Cotto naturally believes differently, thus making business quite nasty.

3. Margarito's Suspension Cancels Immediate Rematch

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    Cotto vs. Margarito II was originally to happen during the summer of 2009, only a year removed from the original 2008 blockbuster fight until Margarito was caught with plaster in January 2009 during the Mosley fight.

    This led to a one-year suspension leading to Cotto taking alternative opponents and not being able to immediately set things right against Margarito.

    While Margarito was suspended, Cotto struggled against Joshua Clottey to earn a split decision and was stopped in the final round against Manny Pacquiao.

    Some say Cotto was not the same man after Margarito has beat him. If Cotto had gotten his rematch and gained revenge, at least some if not all of his confidence could have been restored.

    That means the old Cotto would have been available to possibly beat Clottey more convincingly and eke out a win against Pacquiao. The world will never know thanks to Margarito. Cotto will make him pay for it.

2. Cotto Almost Says No to Rematch

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    Bob Arum had to fork over a lot of money to get Cotto on board with the rematch in 2011. Cotto was still a star by then while Margarito was beaten to a pulp by Pacquiao.

    Cotto, now a believer in the idea that Margarito used plaster against him, didn't want to give Margarito any more money with a big fight.

    But Arum forked over the cash, and Cotto signed on to the idea according to Ring Magazine.

1. Cotto's Incriminating

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    Cotto keeps showing the pictures of Margarito's torn gauze as proof that Margarito cheated. Margarito just smirks at the photos and questions Cotto's resolve.

    These photos could be dismissed or hounded on depending on what you believe. These photos are a representation of what this fight means. This fight means war. This fight is an answer.

    What is it an answer to? The question we've had for years?

    Did Margarito win fairly and could Cotto win in a fair fight?

    Find out on December 3.