Sporting Quotes: Rory McIlroy, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Kimberley Nixon and Others

Linus Fernandes@mktimeforsportsAnalyst IINovember 30, 2011

Sporting Quotes: Rory McIlroy, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Kimberley Nixon and Others

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    Rory McIlroy, Abhinav Bindra, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Ravi Rampaul and Kimberley Nixon all make the cut in this edition of What They Said, Really Meant and Definitely Did Not.

    McIlroy pegs girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki as less handicapped than him.

    Bindra backs Ajay Maken and his sports bill to the hilt.

    Tsonga does not mind looking at the man in the mirror.

    Rampaul is the villain in a script gone awry.

    And Kimberley Nixon tackles her Serbian tongue-twisters.

Kimberley Nixon Befuddled by Serb Names

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    What she said:

    “Djokovic is amazing, but I have a soft spot for Tipsarevic. For 20 minutes, I thought the umpire was saying chip sandwich.”

    Welsh actress, Kimberley Nixon, was at the London ATP World Tour Finals (ATF) catching the action.

    Nixon was well aware of Novak Djokovic’s exploits this year. But his fellow Serb, Janko Tipsarevic, came under her radar for the first time.

    What she really meant:

    “For better or verse, Serb names could be worse!”

    What she definitely didn’t:

    “I don’t really follow tennis. I merely play it by ear.”

Ravi Rampaul Plays Villain to Sachin Tendulkar’s Bedevilment

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    What he said (via Times Of India):

    Ravi Rampaul is the anointed villain when the Indian first innings story in the third test did not follow the script.

    Sachin Tendulkar missed his 100th international hundred (once again) stuck at 94 thanks to Rampaul.

    The pacer’s moment of joy was short-lived as the Wankhede crowd made their displeasure known.

    Rampaul said:

    "I got the feeling that I was the villain as soon as Sachin went. When I was back to the boundary I got ‘abused’ in a way but that’s how cricket goes. I know I have let a lot of Sachin fans down and heartbroken. But we can’t just let him go out there and play freely. We had our jobs to do such as he had his job to do."

    What he really meant:

    “If my job makes me an enemy of the crowd, so be it. I play for my side.”

    What he definitely didn’t:

    “Sachin’s my hero. I’d never play him out.”

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Is Pleased with the Man in the Mirror

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    What he said:

    "Tonight I can see myself in the mirror and say, 'Yeah, you fight enough.'"

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is satisfied with his level of play despite losing his third successive Sunday match to Roger Federer in 15 days.

    The Frenchman succumbed to the Swiss master at the World Tour Finals in London.

    What he really meant:

    “Starting with the man in the mirror, I’m not asking him to change his ways; just lose a little less.”

    What he definitely didn’t:

    “Man, Roger fights better.”

Abhinav Bindra Is Serious About Getting Real

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    What he said:

    “It’s time we got real. The concept of honorary posts is rubbish.”

    Abhinav Bindra is no proponent of the status quo when it comes to Indian sports and its administrative bodies.

    India’s only individual Olympic gold medallist continues his tirade against the satraps plaguing the system in an article in the Hindustan Times, applauding Ajay Maken’s National Sports Federation (NSF) bill seeking accountability and transparency in the running of sports bodies.

    Bindra devoted a whole chapter in his autobiography, A Shot at History: My Obsessive Journey to Olympic Gold, to his experiences with Indian bureaucracy.

    A sample from the Deccan Chronicle:

    "The tone is patronising, the manner feudal, the atmosphere unwelcoming. I am their job, but I feel like their burden. These are bookkeepers, who look like they feel a physical pain in parting with money that is not really theirs, who have little understanding of sports yet will interrogate you suspiciously...It is humiliating, it is tiring."

    Bindra writes:

    "Running sports is not a joke and instilling professionalism and passion is what we should be striving for. After all, the ultimate aim is to win medals at the highest level. Keeping aside personal glory, my Olympic gold is embarrassing when I look at the country’s history of participation in the Olympics!"

    Bindra is all for the provision seeking to limit tenure in administrative posts.

    Bindra said:

    “At age 70, priorities change. It is a stage in life when one likes to play with grandchildren rather than worry about athletes’ tickets and visa problems. Fair enough, but stop meddling in everything.”

    What he really meant:

    “There is no free lunch. It’s administrators who enjoy perks of office while they would have sports persons and the public believe that they are doing them and the country a favour by providing their services gratis. It’s just lunch money—from taxpayers.”

    What he definitely didn’t:

    “Gold medals for our officials too when we win. How about that? Do I hear an 'aye?'”

Rory McIlroy Will Not Be Switching to Tennis Anytime Soon

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    What he said:

    "She has more potential at golf than I do at tennis.”

    Irish golfer, Rory McIlroy, believes that girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki would be better at golf than him at tennis.

    Speaking to the Irish Examiner, McIlroy said:

    "Being a tennis player, her upper body is pretty strong. She has more potential at golf than I do at tennis. The thing is that when I play tennis, the competitive side in me comes to the fore and I want to play well every time, but it just doesn’t happen. I would get more frustrated because I want to be able to grasp tennis straight away."

    The golfer disclosed that Wozniacki is something of a mental coach for him.

    McIlroy said:

    "When Caroline and I might discuss our own sport, I am very interested in how she prepares herself for the mental side of big tennis tournaments like how she goes about setting goals or whatever. That sort of discussion gives me a good insight into how she deals with similar issues I might face."

    What he really meant:

    “She could probably drive like Tiger. I couldn’t  serve like Roddick, though.”

    What he definitely didn’t:

    “Soon, I’ll be caddying for Caroline.”