College Football 2011: 50 Biggest Busts, Bombs, and Embarrassments of the Season

Martin Sondermann@@GamedayreporterAnalyst IINovember 30, 2011

College Football 2011: 50 Biggest Busts, Bombs, and Embarrassments of the Season

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    The 2011 college football season is wrapping up, just in time for the holidays.

    In honor of the new year approaching, we wanted to look back on the 2011 season in hopes that we can give a few people ideas for New Year's resolutions. 

    Here they are, the 2011 college football season's biggest busts, bombs and embarrassments. 

Miami Football at Any Price (Allegedly)

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    Before the season ever started Miami was in the middle of its own hurricane-sized scandal.  It was a story that had Miami fans in a panic and Florida State fans in a gleeful frenzy. 

    But, seriously, anytime "death penalty" is brought up, it probably isn't a laughing matter.

Oregon State Beat on Opening Day by an FCS Opponent

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    Seriously, Oregon State?  You lost to a team that went 3-5 in the Big Sky Conference (Sacramento State).  The Big Sky!  Come on! 

    Only one conclusion: Beavers don't bite, they suck.

    At least this year. 

Notre Dames's Season-Opening Loss to USF

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    Holy train wreck!

    Hey Notre Dame, how did it feel to be embarrassed by USF on opening day?  My guess?  Not very good.

Auburn Almost Beat by Utah State on Opening Day

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    This one was only mildly embarrassing.  However, it could have been extremely embarrassing if the Tigers wouldn't have gotten lucky late in the game to hold off Utah State.

    Yes, that Utah State!

    Final score: Auburn 42, Utah State 38

    The Aggies scored 38 on you?  Come on!

NCAA Hypocrisy

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    Ohio State got what for its "infractions"? 

    While Boise State got three years probation, lost scholarships and practices...for what?

    Boise State bought McDonald's and Taco Bell for its players?  It let new players sleep on the couch in the apartment of other players? And—no, that's pretty much it. 

    What an embarrassment.

Spanking the Duck

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    LSU took up a new hobby on opening day...

    Spanking the Duck! 

    It hasn't appeared to affect the Tiger's eyesight, however. 

    Final score: LSU 40, Oregon 27, but it wasn't even that close, was it, Oregon? 

Michigan Comes Back to Beat Notre Dame

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    Michigan was trailing, and it looked like Notre Dame would bounce back from a miserable opening day loss. 

    However, Michigan scored 28 points in the fourth quarter to embarrass the Irish for the second week in a row.

    Final score: Michigan 35, Notre Dame 31

Oregon State's Attempt to Bounce Back

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    Nice rebound, Beavs.

    Seriously, 35-0, you could of just called in a bye week. 

    No one would have thought less of you.  After all, after Week 2 no one could. 

Oregon Does Bounce Back at Nevada's Expense

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    Oregon shows little brother how it's done, but the Wolf Pack didn't care for the lesson too much.

    Nevada found out what an angry Duck can do.

    Final score: Oregon 69, Nevada 20

    The Wolf Pack are still recovering from this embarrassment. 

Southern Miss Loses to Marshall

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    This is a mild embarrassment, but an embarrassment nonetheless.

    Final score: Southern Miss 20, Marshall 26

    Southern Miss should have never lost to Marshall.  The Golden Eagles are a much better team than the Thundering Herd. 

    The only thing worse would be losing to someone like UAB...  

Tennessee Crushes Cincinnati

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    Tennessee pulled out the switch and spanked Cincinnati on its Bearcat. 

    Final score: Tennessee 45, Cincinnati 23

Mike Stoops to New Levels

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    It was hard to watch Mike Stoops stalk the sidelines.  You never knew if he was going to smack someone around or have a vein explode in his neck. 

    Take a vacation, Mike, and try to relax.  Seriously, relax—no, seriously. 

Syracuse vs. Toledo and the Adventure of the Phantom Extra Point

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    The extra point that wasn't, but it was.  The officials on the field called it good—OK, fair enough. 

    However, after further review, it was clear the extra point was no good.  The ball clearly went in front of the goal post.

    Everyone who saw the replay was certain the call would be "no good."

    When the call came down from the replay booth as "good," you had to wonder who was in that booth and what they were drinking.  Probably orange juice. 

Utah Gives Big Brother a Beating

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    BYU had to be embarrassed after getting beat up by little brother Utah in Week 3 by a score of 54 to 10. 

    Not only did the Utes leave the Cougars in their conference wake, but they beat them down on the field.

South Florida Proves It's Overrated

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    Hey, remember when the South Florida Bulls were ranked No.16? Probably not, but they were. 

    Well, No.16 South Florida took on Pittsburgh in what was going to be a premier matchup of Week 5 in the season. 

    How did it go?  Well, let's just say it went well for Pitt.

    USF 17, Pitt 44, but the Bulls didn't even score in the second half.  Come to think of it, it sounds a lot like their entire season.

TCU Got Beat by SMU

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    TCU lost to SMU 40-33 in overtime.  Maybe this embarrassment is what woke up the Horned Frogs.  I am sure Boise State wishes it would have never happened. 

Marshall Beats Louisville

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    Louisville went down to Marshall 17-13 in Week 5. 

    When you look back on the Cardinals' season, this game is the one that should have been won.  Had it been won, Louisville would be planning an Orange Bowl trip. 

Nebraska, Welcome to the Big Ten

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    Nebraska premiered in the Big Ten and probably wished it hadn't. 

    Final score: Wisconsin 48, Nebraska 17

    Wisconsin fan: "You guys are ranked No. 8 in the nation?"

    Nebraska fan: "We would have won if this game was in Lincoln!"

    Wisconsin fan: "Is Lincoln an imaginary land where reality doesn't matter?"

    Nebraska fan: "Huh? What you do you mean?"

Red River of Blood

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    Hey Texas, you know this is a rivalry game right?

    Final score: Oklahoma 55, Texas 17

    You know what they say, "everything is bigger in Texas"—even a butt-kicking. 

Wyoming Gets Humiliated

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    Wyoming has proved it's a pretty good team, but I am sure it wishes it could just forget Week 6.

    That's when Utah State took the Cowboys out back to the woodshed and taught them a lesson, 63-19. 

    That is a 44-point difference last time we checked. 

Arizona Goes Wild on UCLA

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    UCLA got its Bruins smacked by the Wildcats 48-12. 

    Look on the bright side, UCLA fans, this game was close before it started. 

Not Again!

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    There is no way West Virginia was going to lose to Syracuse again, right?

    Not only did it lose again, but it did it in grand fashion. 

    Final score: Syracuse 49, West Virginia 23

    Since you two just can't get along, you might want to go your separate ways—oh wait...

Notre Dame, You Keep Making the List

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    They were going to prove the Irish were back.

    They were going to prove Notre Dame was a contender.

    They were going to show they knew how to make really shiny helmets.

    Well, one out of three isn't bad.  However, the Irish performance was.

    USC 31, Notre Dame 17

    At least you have really shiny helmets!

Oklahoma, Really?

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    Seriously, Oklahoma?  Come on!  Your fans have to be freaking furious. 

    Texas Tech came into your house and took home your pride. 

    Of course, Texas Tech is probably not looking forward to next year's game. 

K-State Spanked by an Angry Oklahoma Team

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    This one had to hurt. 

    Final score: Oklahoma 58, Kansas State 17.

    Hey, keep that chin up, K-State, at least you came within 41. 

Iowa State Gives Texas Tech the Old One-Two

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    That's right, Iowa State 41 and Texas Tech 7. 

    Way to prove that Oklahoma win was no fluke, Red Raiders! 

Speaking of the Red Raiders

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    Nice collapse, Texas Tech! You went from beating Oklahoma in its own backyard to being the whipping post for the rest of the Big12.  You lost five games in a row, including a squeaker at home against Oklahoma State 66-6. 

    You know, you could have won that game if only Oklahoma State hadn't shown up.  

    You played so embarrassingly the last five games of the season that someone should take away one of your "T's" from your logo.  

    You can have it back when you earn a pair.   

Ole Miss

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    At least Ole Miss beat Southern Illinois and a Fresno State team that is now 4-8. 

    Who else did it beat?  Just itself, and its coach. 

    By the way, Ole Miss is looking for a new coach, if you're interested in applying.  However, you would have to be nuts to coach that team.

    Wait, that didn't work either. 

Purdue Gets Accosted by a Badger

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    Didn't your dad ever tell you not to start a fight with a badger?  Especially if you are unarmed.

    Final score: Wisconsin a lot, Purdue a little—but it wasn't that close.  


Alabama's Kicking

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    How many field goals did Alabama miss against LSU?

    The final score would have been something like 45-9 if the Crimson Tide make just half their kicks. 

    Okay, that might be exaggeration, but make two more kicks and you are the ones who don't get a week off and have to play Georgia for the SEC title before you play for the national championship.

    Wait, never mind, now I see why you missed those kicks. 

SMU Collapse

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    At one point SMU won five in a row, including beating TCU in overtime.  It was ranked, in first place and looked like a contender.


    SMU lost four of its last six and barely escaped Rice, 27-24. 

    You might be going to a bowl, but this season could have been much, much more.   

Illinois Collapse

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    Illinois started the season 6-0.  The fans had to be excited. 

    Then, a narrow loss to Ohio State, 17-7.  Respectable, but still a loss nonetheless.  Would the Illini bounce back against Purdue? 

    No, they would not.  Another seven-point loss.  Well, what about against Penn State?  Nope, a three-point loss.  Michigan? Wisconsin? No and no, 31-14 and 28-17, respectively. 

    Five straight losses, but certainly they would finish off the season with a win over Minnesota?

    Again, no—27-7, final score. 

    Illinois football fans have got to be feeling a bit like Cub fans.  The sad thing is, many of them are both. 

Arizona State Collapse

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    At one point Arizona State was 5-1 with wins over USC, Missouri and Utah.  Things were looking good in the desert for Dennis Erickson.

    Fast-forward two months later, and he is out of a job. 

    Of course, it didn't help that the Sun Devils had a meltdown.  Losers of the last four games of the year and five of the last six, ASU finished 6-6 and 4-5 in the Pac-12 South.

    Still, with all the injuries and issues Erickson didn't do such a bad job. 

    Don't know what is more embarrassing, ASU's collapse or firing a coach that might not have been the problem. 

Texas Tech Again!

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    Oklahoma State crushes Texas Tech, 66-6.

    Seriously, Texas Tech, that had to hurt. 

    You are no longer allowed to make the gun symbol with your hand.  That is only for Oklahoma State now. 

    It earned it.  Frankly, the Cowboys beat it out of you. 

    Red Raiders?  More like Red Faders.

Boise State Wide Right

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    Wide right again?


    Wide right?


    Seriously? Wide right? Again?

    How embarrassing!  Seriously, how painful.

Pac-12 Title Game

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    The Pac-12 title game is an embarrassment. 

    UCLA vs. Oregon, really?

    No matter what happens, USC will be considered the real champion.

    Everyone will know it, including the Ducks. 

Conference Musical Chairs

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    Conference musical chairs is getting really old. 

    TCU to the Big East—no, the Big12. 

    West Virginia to the ACC? No, West Virginia to the Big 12. 

    Syracuse and Pitt to the ACC, and Missouri to the SEC? Huh? 

    Texas A&M to the SEC? Seriously?

    Texas to the Pac-12? No, thank God!  

    SMU, Houston, Central Florida, Air Force, Boise State and BYU to the Big East?

    Oh wait, not BYU, San Diego State to the Big East? East, right?


    Thanks BCS, your system is awesome.  

    Oh, you don't think you caused this?  Right, well keep piling up that money; it blocks out reality. 

UAB Beast Southern Miss

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    Southern Miss, as previously mentioned, you really lost to UAB?



Oklahoma State Loses More Than a Game

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    Oklahoma State got embarrassed and lost its title hopes all in one night. 

    Now that is a diet plan. 

    Lose it all in just more than three hours. 

Nevada Chokes

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    Nevada had one quarter to go for a WAC title and an invitation to the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego.

    In fact, in the fourth quarter of Week 12 the Wolf Pack were up big on La.Tech.  Representatives from the Poinsettia Bowl made their way down to the field in Reno to congratulate the Pack on a WAC title and officially invite them to the bowl game.

    However, the Bulldogs scored 21 fourth-quarter points and the Wolf Pack lost it all. 

    Not only that, but Nevada went on to lose the following week at Utah State to add a little salt to the wounds. 

    A truly embarrassing loss, and a horrible end to a mediocre season.

    The Pack play Idaho this week; let's hope it doesn't get worse for the men from Reno. 

Fiesta Bowl Corruption

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    The scandal at the Fiesta Bowl was one of the most ridiculous items of the year.

    The chief exec was fired, and investigations revealed rampant corruption. 

    That much money—go figure, there would be a problem.

Texas A&M Leaves the Big 12 with a Loss

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    Texas A&M is joining the SEC, and Texas was glad to send it there with a loss.

    Thank goodness Missouri will be joining you soon, because Ole Miss needs you guys to prop itself up on. 


UCLA Destroyed by USC

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    UCLA was crushed by USC. 

    It was a nail-biter, until the game started. 

    At least at halftime it was close, 29-0 in favor of USC. 

    Just think, with this loss of 50-0 UCLA still gets to play in the Pac-12 Championship Game.

    Come on!

UCLA Firing Its Coach a Week Before Playing to Go to the Rose Bowl

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    UCLA fired its head coach Rick Neuheisel one week before the Pac-12 Championship Game. 

    Yes, UCLA, you got embarrassed by USC 50-0, but you are still in the Pac-12 Championship Game.  You could have waited to fire your coach until after you lost to Oregon.

Nebraska Lost to Whom?

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    The No. 10 Nebraska Cornhuskers at home against a 4-5 Northwestern team. 

    It sounds like an easy game for Nebraska, but it turned out to be one the biggest embarrassments for the Huskers the entire year. 

    Trailing 7-3 at halftime, everyone thought the Cornhuskers would bounce back.  However, it didn't happen.

    Final score: Northwestern 28, Nebraska 25. 

    Nebraska fans still don't know what happened, but they are sure the game is still in overtime. 

Virginia Gets Blanked

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    Virginia Tech destroyed Virginia...again.

    This time it was only 38-0, but next year Virginia plans to get a field goal. 

Craig James

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    Craig James has been hating on Boise State all year.  He doesn't even try to hide his bias.

    Well, this week we found out that James voted Boise State No. 25 on his ballot.  

    Yes, he voted 10-1 Boise State behind teams like 8-4 Notre Dame, 7-4 Texas and 7-5 Missouri.  James is quickly becoming a joke in the world of sports broadcasting. 

    It's almost like he is running for office.  Oh wait, rumor is that James is running for political office

The So-Called Heisman Race

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    The Heisman Trophy is supposed to go to the best player in college football, right?

    Then why do players fall even if they have a good game, but their team loses one?

    It has become comical the way the Heisman is determined.  How about we go back to simply voting the best player, no matter how their team does.

    The BCS doesn't control the Heisman.  Why make it a popularity contest?  It should be about talent, skill and on-field performance.

    Is Craig James in charge of this? 

BCS Mess

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    A rematch of LSU-Alabama isn't what the BCS was hoping for, no matter what it says. 

    Now all the talking heads are saying that rematch will happen even if LSU loses to Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.

    Are you kidding? 

    Not only that, but LSU has to play in the SEC Championship Game because it is in first place, but Alabama gets to rest because it's in second place in the division.

    It makes no sense.

    What ever happened to two conference champions playing each other for it all?  Alabama had its chance and blew it—or kicked it away.

    Doesn't a "BCS playoff" have a nice ring to it? 

Penn State

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    A horrible situation.

    Enough said.