What's Arsenal FC's Mission? Why Do You Support This Club?

Joseph KutialoContributor IDecember 22, 2008

The  2008-2009 season is down to the wire. After the end of the first phase of the league, every fan is looking forward to  the upcoming Christmas fixtures and performance of the top five teams.

As the second phase of this year's season begins, only consistency and result oriented display will be the way foward to being  crowned EPL champions in may.

My question to all the Gooners is that what is the mission of our beloved club Arsenal? Why do you support this team? Many Gooners will agree with me that the mission should be winning trophies.

We support this club because of its achievements from the time it started. Entertaining football is another reason.

It is four years since we won a trophy, the FA cup final against Man U. This was followed by losing many experienced players because of Wenger's youth policy.

Thus, for the past four years, the team has undergone restructuring, making its average age 23 years.

AW has requested time for the younger players to mature? When players reach their prime time of playing he sells them to our competitors. When are we going to stop using the name young gunners? Will Arsenal continue being an academy of breeding players who are sold to our competitors after maturing. What is our main mission?

Last season, the Gunners played well by getting good results. They topped the EPL table from August to February. Towards the end of the season, the team was plagued with injuries and lost key players like Eduardo, Flamini, Toure and Fabregas.

These  injuries problem culminated to bad results, hence surrendering the EPL trophies to Man U. We didn't have a strong bench, like our competitors, that could continue doing the good job.

AW was given funds by Arsenal board during the January transfer window to strengthen the club.He travelled to watch the European talents showcasing in Switzerland and Sweden.

However, after the final, Wenger did not buy any player. He just admired what he saw. Gooners waited anxiously until the deadline of the transfer window passed, nothing happened.

The professor returned the cheque to the Arsenal board, assuring them that he had confidence in the current crop of players to do the job. Our competitors strengthened their teams; we can all see the results of that on the current EPL table standings.

Truth is that the premier league is competitive. Gone are those days of inventing talents like Anelka and Fabregas, playing entertainment football without winning and depending on academies to get players and using unproven players to win.

Teams in the Premier League are investing in good players even small once. Therefore, Arsene Wenger should strengthen the current  team with proven players if his mission is to win trophies.

The current team is lean and vulnerable. It lacks experience and leadership. Arsenal has lost many points against small teams which plays defensive and physical football,while managed to get good result against Man U and Chelsea, who plays open football.

Wenger should stop being philosophical after loosing very important matches. Gooners are not interested to know the teams spirit of playing without winning.

They support the team through paying to watch Arsenal matches every weekend and buy it,s products. Arsene Wenger mission should be to focus on Success and glory in terms of trophy won. Gunners fans have waited for long to see Arsenal being crowned, English Premier League, European, and world club champion.

The youth policy, winless, entertaining football, inventing talents and selling them during their prime time should stop.