WWE Personified: A 4-Way Tribute to the Rated-R Superstar, Edge

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IINovember 30, 2011

WWE Personified: A 4-Way Tribute to the Rated-R Superstar, Edge

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    In a professional wrestler's life, he or she goes through many trials and tribulations that make the person who that is today. Whether it is a career-threatening injury or even their first victory, the emotion is always there.

    World Wrestling Entertainment is the biggest professional wrestling industry in the world. These people sacrifice their bodies 365 days a year and they do it for the fans. Let's not forget why they are there—mainly to entertain the fans and do what they love.

    Bypassing the championships and accolades is just the person. Think of it like the man behind the mask. Each character is a human being just living everyday like it's their last.

    Adam Copeland, better known as Edge, dedicated his life to the craft he loved and passionately held tight to his chest.

    Professional wrestling is all Edge knew and grew up with as a kid and onto being an adult. The future hall of famer has given his life to entertain the fans all across the world.

    Not to mention he loved wrestling more than breathing.

    From 1998 to 2011, Copeland wowed crowds like none before him and most likely will never be done again. 

    Today starts the journey of a 10-part series of on WWE wrestles, but more on a personal level. B/R writer Chinmay and I came up with the concept of this series and the wrestlers who will partake in my experiment.

    It will be a four-part slideshow that will contain the man behind the character, his impact on the business, what made him and a "thank you" for the commitment he showed.

    This will certainly be a roller coaster, please join me...

Rated-R: Adam Copeland's Love for the Sport

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    The cliche, "wrestling is his life" floats around in the minds of fans, a sense of sarcasm overflows their original thought. As for Edge, that rings true tenfold.

    As a teenager, Edge witnessed WrestleMania VI, as he cheered on Hulk Hogan against the Ultimate Warrior. Like any pro wrestler today, one match stands out as the moment you want to become what you love.

    His on-screen gimmicks didn't resemble the man he is behind the character. Copeland is a down-to-earth person who loves life. That is why his retirement came to a surprise and he didn't continue. Respect must be given to a man who would rather walk at age 70, than be at a disadvantage.

    Copeland has dedicated his life to the business like I highlighted in the introduction. It takes many things to become a professional wrestler and here is the list:

    • Mic Skills
    • Charisma
    • Passion for the business
    • Heart and desire
    • Ring Skills
    • The ability to push through adversity

    I'm missing some key elements, but those are the most important figures in making a professional wrestler.

    The man smoked has never smoked and like a certain wrestler we all know and love (no hints), he has tattoos that personify himself as a human being.

    All of them represent a stage in his wrestling career.

    One tattoo is a graphic of a sun. That resembles his career after the neck injury he suffered, which means "looking toward brighter days."

    Just like his hair, Edge loves rock and roll music. After wrestling was over, Copeland put his acting skills to work and appeared on the show Haven and Sanctuary.

    Curiosity reigns true that he was a completely different person on and off the stage. Although his history is a bit tarnished (steroid scandal), he is in our hearts for a very reason.

    Like his personal life, most fans will hold him dearly for the...

Impact He Had on the Business

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    The picture above summarizes his impact on World Wrestling Entertainment. He single-handedly revitalized the TLC match and put his own special twist on things.

    His matches with the Hardyz, the Dudleys and even the Undertaker kept him going as a star. Edge was a once in a lifetime performer.

    Who else could keep pulling your hair back and making that a signified taunt?

    Edge's spear on Jeff Hardy set the bar for every TLC match in the future ahead. When passion and dedication are put to the test, they look at Adam Copeland for his detriments and high risk-taking to measure their skill.

    Just like how the Undertaker is aspired to be for many future wrestlers, Edge is one of those iconic figures that we all wish we could be. From the entrance music to the mannerisms and then to his signature move-set, all are legendary in their own way.

    All of the aforementioned moments paved the way for history without Edge. He set a mark where it was okay to get thrown into a river and enjoy it.

    Being on top of a ladder was his "happy place" in a sense, because he loved entertaining the fans. In the prime of Edge's career, nobody could top him.

    The well-respected man he was played a key role in the locker room. As his singles' career skyrocketed after his money in the bank-cash in against John Cena, he became a respected-veteran who helped the younger stars.

    With Cena especially, the feud they put on was one of their best to date.

    His legacy will be one of the best. Where do you think WWE got the idea for Miz's gimmick and attire? You can thank the long jacket and one name to the man who came up with the idea.

    In the ring, he was one of the best. On the mic, not many could talk like Edge could. As far as passion goes, well, he was on top.

    That is why all of the specified techniques and attributes...

Made Edge What He Is: An Icon

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    An icon is the just the beginning of what Edge is. I talk all the time about passion, heart and dedication and how that relates to an artistic setting of professional wrestling.

    If you ask me or any Edgehead out there, the answer will be the same.

    It was said however, that Edge will never make it out of the mid-card. Yes, he was one of those whom fans gave up on.

    At first, he dominated the tag-team division with his real life best friend, Christian. The two were one of the most controversial and iconic tag-teams of all-time. Both of them helped keep the division afloat after retirements by Demolition and LOD passed by.

    That is until the day he won his first championship. From that historic evening forward, he was entangled in the main event scene until his retirement.

    I can't sit here and say I didn't lose hope, because I had no clue where Edge was going to be headed. If someone would have told me that Edge would be in the hall of fame after a great singles career, my opinion would be the opposite.

    In my opinion, I thought Copeland was going to be the one to end Undertaker' streak. Since that is the most precious accolade in World Wrestling Entertainment, a wrestler of that caliber could have broken it.

    Their match was phenomenal as always and that made me like Edge even more.

    A one of a kind attribute in wrestling is being able to tell a story within a match. Only a few have mastered the craft; Undertaker and Shawn Michaels being prime examples.

    Copeland however, personified that ability and showed in every match he performed in.

    The pain he felt, was felt by the fans. His facial expressions showed the true strength of character it took to be a professional wrestler. No matter the circumstance, he always put on a great match.

    Despite all of the titles and accomplishments, he will always remembered for not just one sole thing, but the whole barrel load of actions he succeeded in doing.

    What exactly am I trying to pursue in this piece? It is the pure essence of determination and heart that made Adam Copeland who he is today. Even with him not competing anymore, he will remain the same to all of the fans.

    There is nothing more I can say than...

Thank You Edge

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    As I open my eyes and think of a WWE without Adam Copeland, I struggle to be at peace. It is kind of like that hero you have grown up idolizing since day one.

    Yes, a lot like that.

    I watch World Wrestling Entertainment on a weekly basis and see bright young stars like Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes fly up the ranks, just as you did back in the early 2000's. Not being able to hear Alter Bridge sing the theme puts a hole in my WWE fondness.

    From his debut match against Jose Estrada Jr. to his final contest against Alberto Del Rio, I followed Edge's career like a closely analyzed book.

    Match after match, Copeland continued to impress not only the edgeheads, but every fan of professional wrestling. He epitomized the art of wrestling and had you knowing why you watched such a sport.

    He put TLC and tag-teams on the map and then transcended into one of the biggest and best wrestlers of all-time.

    I'm currently at a loss for words, because nobody can thank Edge enough for the contributions he put into this industry. Just like Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, Eddie Guerrero and many others, Edge will be dearly missed.

    After his neck injury, I wasn't sure I would witness another match out of Edge, but then again he shocked the world.

    An often revisited question is what it takes to be a professional wrestler. Copeland was in search of that question and found the answer.

    Even of you don't like Edge as a wrestler and performer, respect must be given for the sacrifices he made. A man that put his life on the line after his surgery just to do what he loves.

    From the entrance smoke, to his trademark signature hands in the air while pyrotechnics go off in the background, it is all legendary and will never be forgotten.

    As I type this tribute, I can only think of one thing.

    A hero has come and gone. Now that he has passed the torch onto other wrestlers, I say thank you for giving it your all. We will miss you

My Final Conclusion

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    Thank you all for enjoying the roller-coaster that was my first story in this 10-part series. I hope that I did justice to a fine career that was Adam Copeland's ride to fame.

    Edge will always be my favorite wrestler for the reasons listed in this piece. My goal was to re-live the career of Edge and it was a fun ride.

    I appreciate all of you who read this long article and I hope that I lived up to those expectations put on all of my readers.

    In the words of Mr. Adam Copeland...

    But if you ask me all of this again, in a heartbeat. No matter what, I came out here and I tried to give you guys as much as I had every single night. And in turn, you guys gave it right back to me. So thank you very much.


    I would love to hear all of your opinions on Edge and this tribute. Please make use of that comment section.

    Have a wonderful evening.

    For the benefit of those with flash photography...