In Other News...A Pleaful Letter to Brian Cashman

Shanan H.Analyst IDecember 22, 2008

Dec. 22, 2008


Dear Brian Cashman:


Mr. Cashman, you have helped build the dynasty that is the Yankees. You hired Joe Torre, drafted Derek Jeter, and brought baseball’s greatest team back up to par. Don’t ruin it.


If you sign Manny Ramirez, the Yankee dynasty will be crushed.


Mr. Cashman, Ramirez has no respect for the game and respect is No. 1 when you're a Yankee. Mr. Cashman, Manny will not listen to the rules that you and manager Joe Girardi lay down. He will be defiant and may not play to his full potential. 


Mr. Cashman, Ramirez will age. He will not be the best player in the league. He will not be an asset to your lineup. He will only hurt your team.


Mr. Cashman, you should know a good player when you see one, so tell be honestly, why would you want Manny Ramirez? Can’t you tell he is not a Yankee? Mr. Cashman, do you know what a Yankee is?


A Yankee is a player who’s stats do not come No. 1; however, his respect for his coaches, players, and fans is what makes a player, a "Yankee."


Most importantly, every Yankee should leave the team, thanking Lord for making them a Yankee.


Think about some of the greatest Yankees. Were they show-offs? No. Did they ever not run out a ground ball? No. Did they always play their hardest? Yes.


Mr. Cashman, does Manny seem like a Yankee to you, because he doesn’t to me?


Mr. Cashman, you have had good focus so far, by signing the two best pitchers in the free agent market and getting rid of Giambi. Do not ruin it now, Mr. Cashman.


Mr. Cashman, spend your money on a better player, Mark Teixeira. “Tex” has respect, he will play his heart out, and he will be the asset in the lineup to continue the greatest dynasty ever.


Mr. Cashman, can’t you see that Tex is the player you want?


Manny is not the player you want on the greatest dynasty in the world. Mr. Cashman, heed this advice.


Mr. Cashman, I am putting my trust in you.


Brian Cashman, please listen to me.  It is very important that this offseason you do not sign Manny Ramirez.




Shanan H.