WWE: Zack Ryder Is the Tim Tebow of Professional Wrestling

Travis SmithAnalyst IINovember 29, 2011

Zack Ryder has become the “underdog” story of the WWE in the eyes of many fans and critics. This kid has gone from being buried as a jobber to now becoming a front-runner for the United States Championship. I’ve seen the rise of Ryder since he debuted as one half of the major brothers in 2007, and I can say that I am impressed with the way Ryder has improved.

But I still have serious doubts about him.

I feel that Ryder is still overrated at this point in time, because he lacks some of the skills needed to become a bona fide superstar in the industry. To me, Ryder’s rise of mediocrity reminds me a whole lot like NFL quarterback TimTebow.

Now this maybe a first, to base an argument off a NFL player, but I can back up my argument because both men are similar in so many aspects. The first key point is that Ryder received a spot on television due to fan’s demand. The fans didn’t care how good this kid was in the ring, instead they were impressed with his YouTube show and decided that they wanted to see more of him.

Tebow got the same push in the NFL, as Broncos fans demanded he become the starting quarterback. Fans wanted their voice to be heard. And while Tebow has won games, he isn’t the quality quarterback that experts and owners want to see out of that position.

Sure, Ryder has improved a lot since 2007. But the problem with Ryder is that he isn’t on the same level as most of the quality young stars like Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston. Ryder’s gimmick is a bit goofy and is one that limits him to a fan base. Sure, he will get Internet-based fans' attention. But does he go over with the younger fans?

I haven’t seen too many younger fans cheer for the young man. Heck, last night he was booed by several younger fans—that could eventually lead to more people feeling this way.

Now I am not saying that Ryder is never going to be a main-eventer; I am just in the belief that his gimmick will limit that opportunity due to the goofiness and lack of aggression. Ryder has his die-hard followers—like Tebow has his in the NFL. But there are the critics who will point out each man’s weaknesses. I try not to be negative, but I cannot believe how many fans truly believe that Ryder is ready for the big-time stage.

I would like to see Ryder prove himself a little bit more in the ring before being given a chance to be the United States Champion. I believe that Ryder needs to have a few stand-out matches with top-tier talent before given a championship run. Ryder’s matches have been limited to short single matches and tag team bouts. While he has gotten over with fans, there are critics like myself who don’t buy into his readiness just yet. If Ryder had a few solid performances in his résumé, then I would feel OK to say that he can be a quality United States Champion.

Ryder is someone who will be a star main-eventer eventually; but I feel that he is being pushed way too soon and is over-hyped like Tebow.

I know there are some fans that will think that I am either an idiot or an ass or both, but I am going to stick to my guns and say that Ryder right now is overrated. I hope the kid proves me wrong and has a long and successful career but to be pushed as the hottest rising star right now is just a little too much too soon.

If you have any comments about Zack Ryder’s push, the idea of Ryder being overrated or any comment at all about the subject matter, then please leave your comment below in the comment box. Just remember that the only bad comment is not having one at all.