NASCAR Offseason: The Bark Is Worse Than The Bite

Heath HeidemannCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2008

I cannot remember an offseason quite like this one. NASCAR teams are facing hard times. We've seen the fall of empires and seen teams sift through the rubble trying to salvage what may be left of once competitive teams. It is truly a very harsh time in the sport.

If the unfortunate reality of the economy was not enough, we have had to endure something much worse as fans of the sport.

We've had to listen to all of the teams doing a lot of talking, yet not saying a word.

It started very early, before Homestead was in the books. The talk of the Chip Ganassi and Dale Earnhardt Incorporated merger.

It was announced that they would share information to give both teams a technical boost. They failed to mention anything for the following month after, while we were all left to speculate the possibilities on our own.

Then there is the Gillett Evernham fiasco. We learned that Ray Evernham was selling his remaining share of his once powerful team to George Gillett. We at least knew at this point there were three cars with three drivers.

But George wasn't done.

As of late, we have learned that there are talks that involve Gillett and Richard Petty Racing.

The Pettys released driver Bobby Labonte, and put the #44 or #45, depending on what day it is, on hold.

This prompted the talks about the Gillett group buying into the Petty team, rumored to be for the rights to the name and the #43.

So far, it is said that it could be merged to create a four car team and that they would add another driver to the stable.

Now today, we have the announced buyout of Bill Davis Racing. Marty Gaunt and Mike Held will now control the management of the company, with Bill Davis as an adviser to the company.

They had nothing to say other than they bought into the team, and that they would have more information in three weeks.

Much like the other two mergers, there was nothing to say other than "Hey! We are merging!"

I realize some decisions have been made on the part of DEI and Ganassi. They have determined the shop and the make of the vehicles.

Everything else for all other teams involved remains up in the air with no solid answers.

It's a little hard to land a good sponsor or driver when all that you are doing is flapping your gums.