College World Series: Would the CWS Be the Same in a New Downtown Ballpark?

BobAnalyst IFebruary 15, 2008

Would the College World Series be the same in a new downtown ballpark?

Simply put, no.

Rosenblatt Stadium and the surrounding area of 13th Street carry many memories of past College World Series.

A move from the 'Blatt to a spot in downtown Omaha would not be a good decision by either the NCAA or Omaha mayor Mike Fahey.

The series has such a rich history in Omaha.It happens to be the only NCAA tournament championship that is played in the same city every single year. Omaha has hosted for over 50 years.

The series and Omaha have almost become one.

When you say Omaha you think College World Series.

When you say College World Series you think Omaha.

Every year nearly 300 teams start the season with a dream of playing in Omaha. The proposed changes lead to some serious questions.

Why would one man start a committee that could possibly change that all?

Will the NCAA actually sign a long term contract with the city if the new and improved stadium was to be built?

It is quite possible that Omaha tax payers who love the 'Blatt would rather pay $140 million for a new stadium instead of $80 million for the renovations planned for Rosenblatt.

The CWS is something special, something that must be preserved in Omaha. 

There is only sure thing about the new stadium situation deals with its proposed location.

The new downtown stadium will not be placed in the parking lot of the Qwest Center where it had been originally planned.

MECA, the organization that oversees Omaha's arenas, voted against that proposal and said any move to place the stadium in the Qwest Center parking lot would be met with opposition.

Those who have attended the CWS at Rosenblatt Stadium know that the stadium has probably seen it's better days. But who says that the City of Omaha can not spend $60 million less and restore the historic ballpark?

Rosenblatt is where the CWS should be played forever.

It would not be the same if the park were to relocate within the city. Period. 

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