5 Reasons WWE Is on Its Best PPV Streak Ever

George SeligaCorrespondent INovember 30, 2011

5 Reasons WWE Is on Its Best PPV Streak Ever

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    The WWE has been very successful due to their fantastic pay-per-views. They keep every match exciting and every match has a great storyline behind it.

    The company has been doing a great job this year growing their talent and expanding their brand.

    Meanwhile, their pay-per-views have been fun to watch and are only getting better. Here are five reasons why the WWE is on the best streak ever of good pay-per-view shows.

Growth of Young Talent

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    The WWE has been the dominant wrestling program on television. Again, one reason they have been so successful has been the ability to grow and mold their young talent into superstars.

    They put their young stars into big time matches in pay-per-views, granting them invaluable recognition and a chance to shine.

Great Storylines

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    The WWE has some of the best storyline writers in the world; they are able to come up with a variety of different stories for many different wrestlers.

    The writers know how to make a wrestler a fan favorite or hated villain.

    They can write year-long stories for athletes that lead to WrestleMania (eg. the Rock and John Cena) or a smaller story leading up to another PPV.

Keeps Matches Interesting

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    The WWE has been known to put on headlining events and they have come up with some of the most innovative and dangerous matches that have ever been attempted.

    Also, they do a great job with twists and turns at the end of a match; it keeps the fans interested and keeps them on their toes when something out of the ordinary happens.

Bringing Back Legends

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    The WWE does a great job of utilizing their former wrestling legends in PPVs.

    Whether it's Stone Cold Steve Austin making a guest appearance, a guest referee, or the Rock headlining a main event, they bring back fan favorites.

They Give the Fans What They Want

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    The WWE does a great job of giving the fans what they want.

    They listen to their fanbase when it comes to fan popularity and the overall popularity of a match and create great matches and storylines for upcoming events.

    When it all comes together, the WWE does everything for the fans. Since the fans get the chance to contribute their input, WWE's matches and PPVs seem to only get better and better.