Kelvin Sampson: Latest Allegations could End Career

BobAnalyst IFebruary 15, 2008

Since his first year coaching, Kelvin Sampson has been slammed for multiple violations of the NCAA's recruitment regulations, while sporting a miniscule graduation rate for his players.

Coaching at the same school where Bob Knight, a man who some might consider a fiery attitude but deep down wants his kids to grow as young men as well as basketball players, once did, many Hoosier fans were furious.

Knight was fired for having a bad attitude. He might have a bad attitude, but he was at least semi-compliant with the rules and ways of the game.

Sampson, on the other hand, has had a history of noncompliance with the rules of the NCAA.

At Oklahoma, he made 577 illegal recruiting calls during a dead period. 

Now, he is in trouble immediately following his suspension from recruiting for making over 100 illegal calls and then lying to both Indiana and the NCAA about it to try and cover it up.

Indiana has not yet decided to fire Sampson, but it is launching an internal investigation on the situation.

If Sampson is fired, he will certainly have trouble finding a new job.

Having two major recruiting violations on your resume is certainly not something a team would like to pick up.

He may have a 20-4 team that is ranked ninth in the nation, but that will mean nothing if he gets fired during the season.

The Indiana program, which has been long known as one of the purist basketball programs in the nation, is at risk if it decides to keep Sampson on staff.

Sampson is at risk of never coaching again.

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