WWE News: The "Second2012" Video Released, Who's Coming?

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistNovember 28, 2011

That's right, folks.

The next piece of the puzzle has been released.

After "Itbegins2012", speculations were abound for two man choices: Undertaker and Chris Jericho.

The second video is appropriately titled "Second2012," and it's posted below.

The script goes as follows:

"The power cometh is a thief in the night to claim what others have taken. Those who are unjust, destruction will come upon them, and they shall not escape. The second day of 2012 is coming, and it will be the end of the world as you know it."

I know Taker is still most likely but can I just point out that there are some very important hints here to Jericho?

First, Jericho has a few connection to that word second which is pointed at again and again in the video. He had his "second coming", and he's Y2J.Nitpicking there, but a huge point has me thinking more and more that it's meant for Jericho.

The promo here talks about claiming "what others have taken."  No one has taken anything from Taker lately, but anyone who has been paying attention to Jericho's tweets over the last few months knows that many people have taken things from Jericho.

His moves, mannerisms and catch phrases have been used left and right, and who has taken more from Jericho than anyone else? CM Punk.


Yes, right now (though I will be proven wrong soon, maybe), I see this all as an elaborate way of bringing back Jericho for a Punk-Jericho main event match at WrestleMania.

Sounds good to me, but maybe I am reading too much into it all.

Another out there possibility could be a completely unexpected re-debut for Skip Sheffield. For those who don't know, Sheffield who was originally a part of Nexus has been sent back to FCW to gain a new gimmick.

According to reports, he will be working by the name "Ryback". This new name reportedly comes with the gimmick of being from the future in a Terminator-like indestructible figure.

Sounds corny, but it could be a different feel with someone who actually has a character. The main problem with it is that while the character might fit the overall message the words don't fit with phrases in the two videos about being "familiar" and "claim what others have taken".

It could be cool but seems unlikely. Undertaker is still the most likely with the feel and still fitting the message.

No matter what, January 2, 2012, will be a huge night.

What do you think?


Thanks for reading!