WWE: What If Brock Lesnar Didn't Burn Out and Leave to Play Football in 2004?

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistDecember 2, 2011

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Brock Lesnar. The main question: will he return to WWE? Which gets fans thinking back to why Lesnar left in the first place.

He would leave in 2004 looking to play defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings. It was his passion to play in the sport, and he was ready for anything.

He would end up getting some serious heat when recorded a hard sack on Chiefs backup quarterback Damon Huard. His behavior and attempts to prove himself would eventually not pay off as he was released late, even with some promising words early on.

He would end up giving up on the game even though he was recommended to play in NFL Europa, which he turned down as he wanted to stay close to his family. He would end up in UFC with Dana White, and we all know the story from there.

He would become UFC Heavyweight Champion and one of the biggest PPV draws in the company.

An interesting speculation to think about with all that talk of him coming back is: what would have happened for WWE if he had never left?

This is one of those questions that many fans ask. Speculation abound can lead to many conclusions; however, I will add my thoughts to the discussion.

Lesnar left after a poorly received fiasco of a match with Goldberg, who was also leaving the company. If he had not left that night, he would probably gone over Goldberg (who won the match).

Lesnar would then move on after a big win that would have been much more widely received in a positive fashion. He would still be seen as a top contender for the WWE Title and eventually rekindle his feud with Eddie Guerrero for the belt.

Many may remember that Eddie would go on to drop the belt to a surging star in JBL, who had finally found his niche as a performer after years tagging with Faarooq in APA. JBL was the first in a line of wrestlers who would surge to stardom around this time.

It can be speculated, though not proven, that these rises to stardom would not have all happened with Lesnar still there. If Lesnar remained and feuded with Eddie, he would probably have won the title back, leaving JBL without the WWE Title reign that would make his entire career.

The most interesting thing to think about is the three biggest stars who would use that year to become stars. First, Randy Orton would defeat Chris Benoit to become the young World Champion of all time.

Many believe that this was done to spite Lesnar who was the youngest WWE Champion of all time up to that point. If this is true, Orton would not have seen his star rise at such an early age with Lesnar in the company. Benoit would have dropped the title to Triple H eventually.

Next, Batista would become a huge star as he was the new big man of the company. He would defeat Triple H at WrestleMania XXI to become World Heavyweight Champion for the first time. It is harder to say whether Batista would have been affected here, as he was certainly on his way up.

It is also possible that Batista's rise can be more closely compared to the loss of Goldberg. Therefore, Batista would still see this moment.

The final and biggest star who would break out that year was the current face of the WWE, John Cena.

He would defeat JBL at WrestleMania XXI and become the biggest rising star in the company. I do believe that this would have never happened with Lesnar in the company. The rise of Cena as a marketable big man directly correlated to the loss of Lesnar.

Cena may have eventually found success, but there is no way he would have held the belt for 280 days with Lesnar around.

With Lesnar still in the company, he would have had a lucrative contract and been a mainstay main-event star for years to come. He would have won the WWE Title several more times at least, and WWE might have never seen Orton, Cena, or possible Batista become stars.

Those are some major repercussions. Honestly, while Lesnar may have helped things stay grittier (though unlikely), the idea of losing maybe three major stars by having Lesnar stay in the spotlight does not sound like the best result.

While not all of this may have happened, JBL, Cena, Batista, and Orton can all be thankful that Lesnar left as they certainly wouldn't have all found the success that they did.


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