WWE: CM Punk's Most Entertaining House-Show Moments

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent INovember 28, 2011

WWE: CM Punk's Most Entertaining House-Show Moments

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    And you thought that CM Punk only drops his infamous pipebombs on RAW and SmackDown?

    Oh no, he's very happy to drop a few while on the road at a venue near you when the WWE goes on live tours across the country.

    So as you guys get ready to watch CM Punk defend his WWE title tonight against Alberto Del Rio on RAW, take a few minutes to watch some of the moments that make Punk the most must-see guy (sorry, Miz) in the WWE today.

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CM Punk and John Cena Duet?

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    You can say I'm a homer on this selection, but I thought this was really cool as I'm from the Mountain State. The duet of Punk and John Cena had those in attendance singing along as the show ended at this house show in West Virginia.

CM Punk Channels His Inner Rock with His Man-Gina Comment

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    While all of these comments made by CM Punk in this video are not in great taste, the way that Punk plays to the crowd and gets under their skin makes him one of the best, if not the best, crowd worker in the WWE today.

    Also, the "You have a vagina!" comment has been said to be the worst putdown in the PG-era of the WWE.

Too Cool 2.0?

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    Let's hope that CM Punk and Alex Riley don't become Too Cool 2.0 in the near future?

    In this video and other ones that will likely emerge on YouTube in the future, it seems Punk is genuinely having too much fun when he is front of a crowd and competing in the ring for the WWE.

CM Punk's Eddie Guerrero Tribute

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    With his top rope elbow drop that he does in memory of the Macho Man Randy Savage, CM Punk took the time at this house show to stop and remember the memory of the late great Eddie Guerrero as this WWE house was taking place in El Paso, TX, the hometown of Guerrero.

CM Punk: TNA Fan?

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    Poor TNA, even CM Punk is taking some jabs at your wrestling promotion.

    The young man filming this clip was no match for the razor sharp wit of CM Punk as he left him stammering before the future WWE champion walked away with a smile.