20 Most Hilarious Little Kid Sports Fans

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterNovember 28, 2011

20 Most Hilarious Little Kid Sports Fans

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    For the most part, kids tend to have a short attention span and an entirely different list of priorities than regular-sized people. This is why it's such a treat when a child shows the same irrational intensity and over-emotional devotion to a team that we do.

    When a grown man sobs uncontrollably because the Giants lose a game, that's pathetic. Sure, we all laugh, but we're laughing at him. 

    When a child reacts to a loss the same way, it's pretty awesome. They might not know exactly what happened, and they might not even remember what happened an hour later, but they do know that this is the worst thing that has ever happened in the entire course of human history. 

    That kind of dedication brings a tear to my eye. 

    Here are 20 of the most hilariously awesome little kid sports fans!

20. Reality Slowly Sinks in for This Michael Young Fan

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    This little Texas Rangers fan isn't entirely familiar with the concept of a trade. Initially, he just thinks his favorite player, Michael Young, is just trading numbers...until reality starts to sink in. 

19. Little Girl Bears Fan Hates the Packers

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    This little girl is a Chicago Bears fan, and this video was taken in the wake of their loss to the Green Bay Packers in the 2010 NFC Championship Game. She hates the Packers, and apparently her dad is a sadistic Packers fan who takes pride in tormenting her. Sounds like mom puts a stop to it at the end of the video though.   

18. Sadistic Dad Taunts His Toddler/Miami Heat Fan

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    I'm not sure where a lot of these kids get their sports allegiances from. Either there are a lot of couples with split sports preferences, or these kids are just picking the opposite of whatever team their parents support.

    This kid is a devastated Miami Heat fan, and his dad is a gleeful Dallas Mavericks fan who is reveling in his son's misery. Now that's how you hate on the Miami Heat. 

17. World Cup Truffle Shuffle

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    A fat guy taking off his shirt is almost always comedy gold. This kid at the FIFA Wold Cup is proof that you can never go wrong with a celebratory Truffle Shuffle.  

16. Phillies Fan Hitting the Bottle

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    Obviously, bad parenting isn't "hilarious," but there's a certain point where it shifts from serious to absurd. This Philadelphia Phillies fan throwing back a cold one is both awesome and awful. 

15. Buckeyes Fan Shares His Thoughts on Texas

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    This video is pretty low quality visually, but the audio is just fine, and the audio is all you need to hear this Ohio State fan's shrieks of despair after a loss to the Texas Longhorns. 

    He definitely needs to work on his sportsmanship, but I think we all know what it's like to hate Texas. 

14. Sorry Dude, LeBron James Thinks You Suck

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    When I first saw this video, I wasn't sure if it made me hate LeBron more or less. Ultimately, I decided it made me hate him less. 

    In a world with an "everybody's a winner" mentality, where kids get "participation trophies," it's pretty refreshing to see someone take off the kid gloves and give kids something to aspire to. And if it involves busting out a kid-crushing dunk face in the process, all the better.  

13. ANOTHER Little Girl Hates the Packers!

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    This little girl is sick of seeing her sad-sack Minnesota Vikings being kicked around by those goons from Green Bay. I hope she develops a thicker skin because she is in for a lifetime of disappointment. 

12. Josh Beckett Makes Everyone Cry

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    Being a Boston Red Sox fan is intense, so I'm not going to pretend like I know what this kid was feeling when one of his all-time heroes acknowledged his very existence and gave him a ball.

    That being said, I think he could have held it together a little better.   

11. Teenagers Are so Emotional

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    Okay, this kid isn't little anymore, I think he might even be a teenager, which makes this emotional breakdown all the more hilarious. 

    The pained wailing is interspersed with a nasty hacking cough and occasional swearing (at his mother). Nobody likes to lose to the Oakland Raiders, especially when their team is in field goal range, but life is rough and sometimes things don't go your way. 

    Get it together dude. 

10. Ice Cream Kid: You're Doing It Wrong

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    Watching a child eat isn't for the faint of heart. It's a ridiculous mess, sometimes involves screaming or vomiting, and there's almost always a baffled adult present who is stunned at how hard it is to keep something with no survival skills alive. 

    Ice cream kid, who looks like he's no stranger to ice cream, is a prime example. I have no idea how old this child is, but I'm fairly certain he's old enough to understand that ice cream goes in your mouth and not on your face. 

9. Little Boy Gives "Miracle" Speech

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    This well-dressed little boy rattles off the entire Herb Brooks speech from Miracle without even referencing note cards! The kid is already a better public speaker than I was in college. 

    His rendition of the speech is so powerful that when he said (paraphrasing), "Screw the Soviets," I actually felt a burning desire to bust out the "USA! USA! USA!" chant, alone in my living room. 

8. Toddler Phillies Fan Is Drunk on Power

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    This little Philadelphia Phillies fan has the power to make the crowd roar with a simple raise of the arms—and he loves it! He doesn't seem to understand it entirely, but he definitely loves it. 

7. It Ain't Easy Bein' Green

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    It's hard to goof on this kid if you have anyone in your life who suffers from Gang Green. It's a tragic affliction that gives you just enough hope to keep you coming back for more, but ultimately rips your heart out of your chest and feeds it to Tom Brady. 

    I would definitely be a Jets fan if I was from New York; I'm addicted to the drama.

6. That Clemson-South Carolina Rivalry Is No Joke

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    The Clemson-South Carolina rivalry doesn't get much national coverage compared to some of the more high-profile rivalries in college football, but it's just as intense. How's this for intense? The halftime show during their 1946 meeting was a Clemson fan strangling a chicken on the 50-yard line.

    Nobody strangles a chicken in this clip, but South Carolina's beloved Cocky rejects a young Clemson fan's enthusiasm and literally picks the child up and places him aside in favor of a Gamecock fan! Naturally, the crowd loves it. 

    I love it too.  

5. Grown Man Has Flawed Logic in Argument with Little Girl

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    So basically, the scene here is a convenience store cashier having an argument with an adorable little girl about whether or not the Los Angeles Lakers or the Pittsburgh Steelers are No. 1.

    Don't even get me started with all the flaws in even having that debate. The little girl holds her own in the face of the nonsensical discussion, though, proving the Steelers are obviously No. 1.  

4. Giants Fan Pouts His Way into a Foul Ball

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    This San Francisco Giants fan learned a valuable lesson at the ballpark: Pout,sulk and create a scene when you don't get what you want, and everyone will give you whatever you want to avoid sitting next to a crying child...plus, you'll get on TV!

    He's going to be dealing with a painful reality in a few years.

3. Little Boy REALLY Hates Auburn

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    This family outing at the mall turns ugly when this little 'Bama fan's parents threaten to place him within the confines of the Auburn store. You'd think they were threatening to boil the child alive. 

    Roll Tide?

2. Little Chelsea Fan Wants to Shake Your Hand...or Does He?

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    This has got to be the slickest move I've ever seen a kid pull! He makes like he's a good sport who wants to shake the hand of the opposition and then, bam!

    He totally faked him out with the old "too slow" move! This kid is my hero...I want to do that to Ray Lewis someday. 

1. Little Girl Throws Back Dad's World Series Ball

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    When this famous Philadelphia Phillies fan gave his daughter his World Series ball, it was adorable. When she immediately chucked it over the ledge, and he responded with a loving hug and laugh, every woman in America with a ticking biological clock fell in love with him. 

    Hilarious and heartwarming...I would have freaked out.