All the Buffalo Bills Needed Was Decent Quarterback Play

Garrett HirschmanContributor IDecember 22, 2008

Well, it's that time of year again. No, I'm not talking about Christmas. I am talking about that time of the year when Bills games are meaningless.

Although the Bills were still technically in the playoff picture heading into last week's game against the Jets, I don't think too many Bills fans cared about the game.  The same was true yesterday against the Broncos.  Sure, a win is nice, but realistically all it did was hurt the Bills' draft pick.

What was encouraging was the play of quarterback Trent Edwards

Not only did he move the offense up and down the field, but he did it in cold weather, no less.

It got me thinking about what would have happened if Edwards' groin injury never happened. What would be the Bills' record right now?  Would they be 10-5?

Who knows, but it's amazing what decent quarterback play can do for a team.  Edwards was not great, but he found receivers on crucial plays and didn't turn the ball over. That's more than Jack Losman can say about his recent starts. 

Sure, you can argue about the teams they played against and this and that, but does anyone really doubt that Edwards is a much better quarterback than Losman?

My hatred for New England has not burned as bright this year—that is, until I saw that their playoff hopes will live or die in Ralph Wilson Stadium. 

I am pretty pumped for this Sunday's game. It would be amazing to beat New England for the first time in a while, at the same time killing their playoff hopes. I don't think the Bills will, but I didn't think they were going to beat Denver either.

It has been a tough year for Bills fans, but I think one bright area could be Trent Edwards having a good game against the Patriots in December. I still believe in this guy, and I will be watching closely to see how he performs against another good team in cold weather.

I have so much to say about the Bills and what should happen next year, but I will save it for after next week.

Since I am in a good mood this week: Bills 34-30 over the Patriots.

Merry Christmas!