Bobby Wade: Learn When To Keep Your Mouth Shut

Jacob NitzbergAnalyst IDecember 22, 2008

Yesterday the Minnesota Vikings loss to the Atlanta Falcons opened up the door for the Chicago Bears to sneak into the playoffs.  The Bears still need help, as they need to win their final two games and Minnesota must lose to the Giants next week to win the division (the wild card is also a slim possibility). 

Apparently, current Minnesota Vikings and former Chicago Bears wide receiver Bobby Wade isn't too worried about the Bears.  Wade had this to say to reports in Minneapolis last night:

"We need the Bears to blow it,'' Wade said with a laugh. "Where are they playing, at home? Great. They'll definitely blow it.''

To steal a line from SNL's Weekend Update: Really Bobby?  I mean really?  Of all people who can talk smack about the Chicago Bears, you are last on the list of non-quarterbacks (I don't really want to get into that). 

You were run out of town in the middle of the 2005 season because you couldn't hold onto the ball.  You make the 2008 version of Devin Hester look good at punt returns.  There's a reason the Vikings have their No. 1 receiver returning punts this year instead of you. 

Let's run through some stats, shall we. In less than three seasons with the Chicago Bears Wade fumbled the ball 13 times, losing six of them.  In 2005, Wade played in 10 games before being released by the Bears.  He fumbled 10 times in those 10 games, losing four.  In particular, in a game vs the 49ers in Week 10, he fumbled four times, losing three (the wind is no excuse). 

You're probably saying to yourself, yeah he fumbled a lot, but he probably contributed on offense.  Wrong.  In 10 games, Wade had exactly as many receptions as fumbles in 2005, 10 receptions for 80 yards (4 for 47 in one game).  Part of that you can blame on the poor quarterback play, but mostly I'm gonna put the blame on Wade.

So Bobby, maybe part of the reason you're so used to seeing the Bears blow games at home is because you were a major part of it.  Seriously, learn when to make a comment and learn when to shut your mouth.

UPDATE: Bears 20, Packers 17 (OT).  How does your foot taste Bobby?