Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow, and Other Random Topics from the World of Sports

M.L. PreyContributor INovember 28, 2011

Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow
Denver Broncos QB Tim TebowHarry How/Getty Images

After a long holiday weekend stuffed full of over-eating and a cornucopia of sports action, here are some thoughts served up as left-overs:

Tim Tebow

Is it just me, or does southpaw quarterback Tim Tebow look like he is throwing the football with his unnatural arm?  When I used to gather with friends for pick-up football games, we would occasionally mix things up by requiring quarterbacks to throw with their off arms. In other words, right-handed quarterbacks would have to pass with their left arms, and visa versa.  Watching Tebow's awkward throwing motion reminds me of those games with my friends.

Still, Tebow finds a way to get the job done, and his 5-1 record as a starter appears all the more impressive when one considers he might actually be right-handed.

How Long Will Ndamukong Suh Have to Sit?

I would not be surprised to see NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspend Ndamukong Suh for the remaining five games on the Detroit Lions' regular season schedule.  Goodell is known to come down hard on acts of stupidity (see Albert Haynesworth's five game suspension for a similar stomping offense in 2006).

It appears Suh is in need of some forced introspection and personal growth.  It may be time for the Lions to see what they have in Nick Fairley.

Recent Sex Abuse Scandals in Sports

Alleged pediphiles Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Fine may have done for the coaching profession what the sexual crimes of Catholic priests did for the clergy—hang a black mark of suspicion over the entire institution. 


Coaches have been given a somewhat unique place in our society—similar to priests and teachers—in terms of their involvement with, and influence on, our nation's children.  Perhaps, parents will no longer agree to allow their children to spend the night in the homes of their coaches.  Perhaps, this is a good thing.

NBA Lockout

I have a serious issue with the proposed, lockout-shortened NBA schedule of 66 games.  As outlined Sunday by the league, each team will play divisional foes four times, as well as a total of 48 conference and 18 nonconference games. 

As a result, each of the NBA's 30 teams will miss some opponents on their schedule this season.  A more equitable (and logical) way to do this would be to keep the 16 divisional games, then have each team play one home-and-away with each of the other 25 teams in the league.  This would enable fans to see each NBA team visit their home team's arena at least once this season. 

Of course, this makes too much sense, which explains why the league is going a different route.

College Football Head Coach Carousel

With the hiring of Urban Meyer by Ohio State, the pressure is now on Penn State to make an equally big splash with its next head coaching hire or risk being relegated as one of the Leaders Division's also-rans behind the big two of Ohio State and Wisconsin.

If I had to take a flyer, I'd say Rutgers' Greg Schiano, a former Penn State assistant, will be the Nittany Lions' next head coach.