WWE Opinion: Mason Ryan Will Be a Star, Whether You Like It or Not

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistNovember 28, 2011

He’s chiseled out of granite.  Standing 6’5” and tipping the scales at 289 pounds, he is all muscle, from head to toe.  His dark hair and confident smile only add to his image as the rebirth of Batista, and as fans watch him every week on Monday Night Raw, many are thinking the same thing.

“Dude, get him out of there.”

It’s bad, right?  My eyesight has always been good, I have no issues that I’m aware of, so if I’m wrong, someone just give a shout.  

But no, it’s just bad.  Don’t kid yourself.

I’m talking, of course, about Mason Ryan, a WWE Superstar, who I did not really have a problem with when he first hit WWE.  After all, he is a big guy, with a great physique, and his face turn against Dolph Ziggler seemed well timed, propelling him into the spotlight on Raw.

Plus, he didn’t get much on Raw the first time around as the muscle of the New Nexus, unless you count standing around and looking menacing.  Now that he was back with a renewed vigor, I thought, "OK, let’s see how this goes."

So far, so lousy.

The eternal optimist in me was proven wrong again, as Ryan’s matches have been nothing short of extremely boring with a side of yawn.  Seriously, is he trying to get fans to turn the channel?

One clothesline after another, one power move after another, on and on and on.  Turns out he’s more like Batista than anyone ever knew.

While Batista fans are no doubt preparing to hurl insults and heavy criticisms, I will say that I do see some big differences between the two men.

First and foremost is personality.  Batista had charisma, he had an intensity in his eyes that said “I’m going to tear you apart.”  He had a swagger that allowed him to be a successful heel or baby face.

He also had Triple H in his corner, who brought him into Evolution and opened the door for him in a big way.  Having a supporter high up on the WWE food chain is not necessarily required to become a top guy, but it sure doesn’t hurt much, either.

So far, Mason Ryan has the uncanny ability to stand around, looking menacing.  Wait, are we right back where we started?

Perhaps I am being too hard on the guy.  The truth is, it’s still very early in Ryan’s WWE career for any of us to see how far he can go, and like Batista, his opportunity may be just around the corner.

His heat with Dolph Ziggler has been a constant since the night of Ryan’s surprising face turn.  Ziggler is of course the United States Champion, and Ryan could very well be the man to take that belt at some point.

If this happens, it could signal the start of something big, the first step of Ryan’s ascension in the company.  It could also signal the moment when countless Zack Ryder fans change the channel.

OK, so, where do we stand on Mason Ryan?  Well, his in-ring work has been, to put it politely, less than stellar.  His personality, unless you count smiling a lot, has been nonexistent.  His pop started off strong, but now it is fading fast.

By all rights, Ryan should not be anywhere near the top tier in WWE.  It’s just not happening for him. If his ring work doesn’t stop him, his body, which many feel was not created without some synthetic assistance, ultimately will.  Face it, Ryan is a “future endeavor” waiting to happen.

You hear that little voice in the back of your head right now?  The one that is saying you might be wrong?  Listen to it.  Listen to it and believe it.

This is WWE we’re talking about.  So what if Ryan makes The Great Khali look like Kurt Angle in the ring?  Who cares if his personality is not all there yet, or could potentially never be there?

WWE doesn’t care, that’s for sure.

Here’s the deal.  Vince McMahon, despite all of the steroid controversies that have plagued his company for years, is still very much in love with the big man.  Tall, with shiny muscles and an aggressive look, this is WWE Superstar material, and Mason Ryan is that big man that Vince loves to not only put on TV, but to push to the moon.

He may not be winning the WWE Title anytime soon, but when he begins main-eventing, don’t say we didn’t talk about it.  Ryan will be pushed and given every opportunity to succeed, whether we like it or not.

WWE has done a lot more with a lot less many times before.  The question is, should it happen now?