Christmas Confessions Of a Fantasy Football Addict

KristinCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2008

"Take back the holly and mistletoe... silver bells on strings... if I wrote a letter to Santa Claus... I would ask for just one thing..."

A longer fantasy football season!

With the holidays fast approaching, most people are snuggled up sipping hot chocolate, watching "It's a Wonderful Life." Most are happily humming Christmas tunes, soaking up the yuletide vibes and enjoying "the most wonderful time of the year."

But me? I will be watching the NFL games on Christmas Day, thinking back to how my roster should've been different that day I lost in the FFL playoffs—just one game away from the championship. 

Why didn't I start Antonio Bryant over Lance Moore?!

Why was Brian Westbrook freakishly unproductive after having two straight 30-point games in a row?

All season long I stressed over matchups, constantly looking for a good pickup to help secure another win.  I obsessively read tight ends stats, depth charts, and always kept up with the injury reports. I was completely consumed with making sure my roster was poised to win.

I loved the rush of watching my team's points stack up, watching the games and cheering madly when my WR caught that 80-yard pass for a TD. The thrill of beating my co-worker, friend, or a complete stranger. The satisfaction of knowing that, for this week, I was in complete domination of all those in my league.

Okay, so maybe I'm a little more competitive than some. =)

But now, the fantasy aspect shifts to NBA, and I don't have the patience or stomach to handle that.

So for now, I must lick my FFL wounds and look forward to March Madness—the next big obsessive-compulsive, sports-related thing to do on my list.

But I guess I'm stuck having a *Elvis-accent* "blue blue blue Christmas."