South Carolina Bowl Destinations: Where Will the Gamecocks Land?

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent INovember 28, 2011

South Carolina Bowl Destinations: Where Will the Gamecocks Land?

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    The way South Carolina has played and the record they have accrued (10-2), you would assume South Carolina will be in good position to go to a solid bowl game. 

    They will, but it may not be the one the fans really want to see. 

    The Gamecocks have five potential bowl games that they can get into.  Here they are, and here are my predictions for the SEC teams to play in them. 

    No matter which bowl game the Gamecocks end up playing, it is a must-win game.  The bowl game monkey needs to be off the their backs starting this season. 

Cotton Bowl

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    The January 6th Cotton Bowl in Arlington Texas is one of the most prestigious non-BCS bowl games around.  This game matches an SEC team against a Big 12 opponent.

    Teams with a chance to get in:  Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina

    Most Likely SEC Team:  Arkansas

    Last Season:  Texas A&M versus LSU

Capital One Bowl

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    Another higher level non-BCS bowl, the Capital One bowl is one of the most fun and also the most recognizable due to the high level of advertising Capital One does during the football season.  This January 2nd bowl features an SEC team facing off against a Big 10 team.

    Teams with a chance to get in:  Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina

    Most Likely SEC Team:  Georgia

    Last Season:  Alabama versus Michigan State

Outback Bowl

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    South Carolina fans are already familiar with this Tampa based bowl game.  They've been there four times.  On January 2nd, this game will feature an SEC team and a Big 10 team. 

    This is the one I feel most likely to pick South Carolina, much to the fans chagrin.

    Teams with a chance to get in:  Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina

    Most Likely SEC Team:  South Carolina

    Last Season:  Florida versus Penn State

Chick-Fil-a Bowl

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    Yes, there is a chance that the Gamecocks end up back in Atlanta on December 31st to take on an ACC opponent for the second straight year.  It would be a shock, however.

    Teams with a chance to get in:  Georgia, South Carolina, Auburn, Florida

    Most Likely SEC Team:  Auburn

    Last Season:  South Carolina versus Florida State

Gator Bowl

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    This is by far the worst case scenario.  If for whatever reason, the Outback Bowl takes Florida due to the ease of travel for Florida fans, this could be where the Gamecocks fall. 

    This January 2nd game features an SEC team playing a Big 10 team in Jacksonville

    Teams with a chance to get in:  South Carolina, Florida, Auburn

    Most Likely SEC Team:  Florida

    Last Season:  Mississippi State versus Michigan

Best Case Scenario:

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    I think Georgia's SEC Championship Game performance has a great deal to do with where South Carolina goes.  If they lose in a close game, they will end up in the Capital One Bowl, sending South Carolina to the Outback (most likely). 

    If they get destroyed (which is possible), the Capital One Bowl may have a hard time taking the Bulldogs over a 10-2 South Carolina team who beat the Dawgs head to head. This would possibly send the Bulldogs to Chick-Fil-A (due to the obvious allure of a Georgia team in the Georgia dome for the third time this season) or the Outback Bowl (the more likely destination in this scenario). 

    Or, Georgia could pull off the shocker and win, making Georgia an automatic BCS qualifier.  LSU would still probably go to then National Title game against Alabama, sending Georgia to the Sugar Bowl and all but guaranteeing South Carolina a birth in either the Cotton or Capital One Bowl. 

    You got all that?

    Now, pack your bags for Tampa. 

    It's great to be a Gamecock! 

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