Patriots and Brady to Part Ways?

Andrew GallagherContributor IDecember 22, 2008

The New England Patriots face a decision this off season, re-sign Matt Cassel or keep Tom Brady

The Patriots young backup found the spot light when the starter Brady was injured on the third play from scrimmage against the Chiefs in week one.  Since then Cassel has stepped in and thrown for 3,615 yards, 21 touchdown passes, only 11 interceptions, and a passer rating of 89.1.  Lets face it Brady would make incredible trade bait.

I think that the Patriots should trade Brady, pick up some first and second round picks, and re-sign Cassel.  Brady is almost 32 years old and Cassel is only 26 years old.  Brady brings controversy where ever he goes, while Cassel is a sleeping giant who's only controversy comes from the surprises on the field. 

Cassel can only get better from here while Brady will start to drag in talent.  Brady is a well known talent making it easy for teams to prepare for him, but Cassel is an underestimated QB who will always play better than expected. 

I think that Cassel is a better QB than Brady, I mean seriously when was the last time you saw a QB who hadn't started a game since high school throw for 400 yard games for two straight games. 

Brady hasn't thrown for 400 yards since 2005.  Brady has shown that he can't win in the playoffs as of late, being eliminated each year for the last four years. 

Brady is no longer the Pro Bowl power that he used to be.  I foresee Cassel making the Pro Bowl later in his career. I also see Cassel winning at least one Super Bowl in his career. 

Bottom line, Brady is good now and was good in the past, but how good will he be after a major injury.  Cassel is young, fresh, and has a strong arm.

Next year it will be Cassel who steals the show and takes the NFL by storm.  Just wait, you'll see.