Vince Young Could Be Savior of Andy Reid's Philadelphia Eagles Career

Yueh Ho@@YuehHoCorrespondent INovember 28, 2011

Vince Young Could Be Savior of Andy Reid's Philadelphia Eagles Career

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    At 4-7, the Philadelphia Eagles' NFL season is essentially over. To say that making the postseason is a longshot is certainly an overstatement now.

    Even with a favorable schedule coming up, where it would not be impossible for the Eagles to finish 9-7, the Eagles are currently three games behind the Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East, with only five games remaining to be played.

    The 2011 Eagles season therefore has been a huge failure and most Eagles fans at this point have become fed up with Andy Reid's inability to capitalize on a seemingly golden opportunity to make a Super Bowl run.

    The consensus appears to be that Reid's tenure with Philadelphia will be over once the season ends.

    But believe it or not, Vince Young, who labeled the Eagles the "Dream Team" in the offseason, may actually play a large role in saving Reid's Eagles career. Here are three reasons why...

1. Vince Young Has Played Well in Vick's Absence

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    Young is not the reincarnation of Jeff Garcia, but I think we can all agree that Young has played surprisingly better than anyone expected in Vick's absence. 

    Yes, he has been inaccurate, but he has also delivered an 80-yard game-winning touchdown drive against the hated New York Giants. And he was able to get the deep ball to DeSean Jackson in the game against the Patriots.

    Vick is clearly the better option at quarterback, but Young's strong performance may potentially convince the Eagles organization that Vick's subpar play this season has been largely the cause of the Eagles' struggles, and not Reid.

2. No Vick to Lead a Late Season Run

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    At least so far, Young's performance has shown that he is clearly not the best option for the Eagles at quarterback and that the Eagles are still Vick's team. No quarterback controversy will occur when Vick returns from his rib injury.

    But with that in mind, Vince Young's erratic play could convince Eagles owner Jeff Lurie that the absence of the team's starting quarterback negated any chance for a late season run. And against a dominant New England Patriots offense, it is expecting a bit much to ask Young to keep up the pace in the shootout.

    It may not be the strongest argument, but it could potentially be enough to convince the Eagles organization that the failed Eagles season was not entirely Reid's fault.

3. Young Beat a Divisional Opponent

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    Few things bring more joy to NFL fans than to see their team defeat a divisional foe. And Young was able to handle a heavily favored New York Giants team with ease.

    The victory pales in comparison to the many frustrating losses so far, but a strong divisional record is always impressive. And Reid so far is 3-1 this season within the division.

    It could potentially convince Lurie that the team merely needs another season to build chemistry and take the next step.