Roger Clemens: Doesn't Congress Have Better Things To Do?

BobAnalyst IFebruary 15, 2008

Roger Clemens— a household name in Major League Baseball.

But honestly, who cares if he was using steroids or human growth hormone back when almost every MLB player admits to using it?

It was not illegal in baseball or the United States at the time.

So who really cares?

Sure he might have tainted statistics because he used it and they might want to put an asterisk next to his name on whatever records he holds.

But are they going to put an asterisk next to Barry Bonds? Sammy Sosa? Rafael Palmiero?

The answer, simply put, is no.

So why is Congress wasting their time on if a guy used steroids ten years ago?

Why do they care?

Because baseball has become more known for scandal in recent years; it is not the same wholesome sport that I used to really enjoy as a kid.

Instead, a dude hits 50 homeruns in a season and he is already having rumors spread that he is on "the juice."

Everyone knows steroids are bad for you, including those who use them. They use them to gain an edge on the competition. So, ten years ago when everyone was using steroids and HGH they really weren't gaining an advantage on the other players.

So who cares?

Everyone was a little bit buffer a little bit faster.

Congress has other issues they should be focusing on like the struggling economy and the war in Iraq and getting our boys and girls home.

We don't need Congressional committees to tell us that people used steroids ten years ago, we already know that.

It is just one of those unfortunate truths of baseball that Commissioner Bud Selig let the steroids and HGH scandal go too far. Now Congress thinks they need to waste time on it.


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