Watch Jacksonville's Jeremy Mincey Deliver Big Hit on Houston's Matt Leinart

Kraig LundbergAnalyst IIINovember 27, 2011

One week, Matt Leinart is the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans. The next week, he's injured and possibly out for the remainder of the season, barring X-ray results.

If I were T.J. Yates, I'd be worried about this curse against Houston quarterbacks.

With starting quarterback Matt Schaub likely out for the season, Leinart came in and played well against the Jacksonville Jaguars, throwing his first touchdown pass since 2008. But later, he was driven into the ground by defensive end Jeremy Mincey and may have a broken collarbone.

On the play, Leinart dropped back, scanned the field and attempted to drop the ball off to Arian Foster in the face of Mincey's pass rush. The ball fell harmlessly on the turf, but Leinart wasn't so lucky.

Mincey cleanly finished the play by taking Leinart to the ground, but the weight of the 6'3", 270-pound defensive end may have effectively ended Houston's chances at a deep playoff run.

Yates, the rookie third-string QB, will be the starter now for the Texans and will attempt to lead the Texans to the playoffs for the first time ever, while the Tennessee Titans keep fighting to gain ground.

With an 8-3 record and at least two more very winnable games, the Texans' chances are still good, but to expect them to get very far in the playoffs with an undrafted rookie quarterback is not wise.

Either way, Mincey's hit was solid and the best of the day up to this point on a Sunday that frankly hasn't seen many big hits.