NHL Winter Classic: Potential Matchups and Sites for 2013 Classic

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent INovember 29, 2011

NHL Winter Classic: Potential Matchups and Sites for 2013 Classic

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    The 2012 NHL Winter Classic is right around the corner with the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers set to battle it out at Citizens Bank Park.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the league will watch from home, hoping their team will be next up to receive a shot to play in the Winter Classic.

    Let's take a look at some potential sites for the 2013 Winter Classic.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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    The Stadium: TCF Bank Stadium

    The Matchup: Minnesota Wild vs. Dallas Stars

    The Minnesota Wild are back on the hockey map, and the state truly deserves a Winter Classic. It's one of the only states that can be counted on to have frigid temperatures to support an outdoor hockey rink, and the citizens of Minnesota would certainly go crazy for this event, especially if it pitted the Wild against the former North Stars.

Bronx, New York

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    The Stadium: Yankee Stadium

    The Matchup: New York Islanders vs. New Jersey Devils

    Yankee Stadium has already become host to an annual college football bowl game as well as some other football matchups. Why not try it out for a hockey game?

    New York is definitely cold enough to sustain a frozen rink in the outfield.

St. Louis, Missouri

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    The stadium: Busch Stadium

    The matchup: St. Louis Blues vs. Detroit Red Wings

    Playing an outdoor hockey game at the home of the world champion St. Louis Cardinals would be a sight to behold. The NHL could certainly put together a sharp logo for this game with the arch to work with. Plus, the Blues fans would definitely come out for this game.

Denver, Colorado

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    The Stadium: Coors Field

    The Matchup: Colorado Avalanche vs. Detroit Red Wings

    This is the site and matchup I would most want to see for the 2013 Winter Classic. Coors Field is gorgeous and would be an amazing hockey site. It's plenty cold, and the people of Colorado have plenty of love for the sport. Plus, it would be a great chance to reinvigorate the Avalanche's rivalry with the Red Wings.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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    The Stadium: The Big House

    The Matchup: Detroit Red Wings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

    Why not take the most classic rivalry in all of hockey and put it inside the biggest stadium in America? I'm sure that place would sell out for this game.

Columbus, Ohio

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    The Stadium: Ohio Stadium

    The Matchup: Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Detroit Red Wings

    The Columbus Blue Jackets have struggled since coming into the league, but a Winter Classic could definitely work in Ohio. The Red Wings would have to be the opponent if the NHL wanted to sell out the Horseshoe, though.

Landover, Maryland

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    The Stadium: FedEx Field

    The Matchup: Washington Capitals vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

    The NHL would love for two of the brightest stars in the game, Steven Stamkos and Alex Ovechkin, faceoff against one another in a Winter Classic.

Foxborough, Massachusetts

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    The Stadium: Gillette Stadium

    The Matchup: Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens

    The Boston Bruins brought in great ratings for NBC with the 2010 NHL Winter Classic, so they will likely get another one in the near future. This time, they would likely switch the venue, however.

University Park, Pennsylvania

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    The Stadium: Beaver Stadium

    The Matchup: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers

    The Penguins and Flyers will always be considered for the Winter Classic due to their popularity and star power, so it would be cool to get them to meet halfway at Penn State. I'm not sure if the recent scandal at Penn State would put this on hold or not, but it would be great site for the Classic.

East Rutherford, New Jersey

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    The Stadium: The Meadowlands

    The Matchup: New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers

    The Meadowlands will undoubtedly be considered for this event with the notoriety surrounding the new stadium. The NHL will want to wait until the Devils get a bit better first, though.