Willie Parker Should Be Parked

Suade ChamberlainContributor IDecember 22, 2008

I am not usually the type of fan that wonders, "What have you done for me lately," but I can't help but look at Willie Parker and ask that very question. I understand that he was injured for a while and when he returned was not quite 100 percent, but come on.

He had a great year running with Bettis and an exceptionally good year in 2007 as the NFL's leading rusher before breaking a leg. It's just that he hasn't been the same since he returned.

It's gotten to the point that I expect a loss every time he touches the ball. Why can't the Steelers coaches see this?

Meweldi Moore stepped in and did an outstanding job while Willie was out, and continues to do so whenever given the ball. Just because you have deemed Moore the third-down back doesn't mean you can only use him on third down. 

Of course, with a game plan of run on first down, run on second down, pass on third down, Moore doesn't get the touches he should. Yesterday, Parker had 29 yards on 18 carries. Moore had 28 yards on three carries. You do the math.  

Maybe I'm putting too much of the blame on Parker and not letting Bruce Arians share enough of the responsibility. Here you have a running back with tremendous speed and you continually call plays that have him running into the pile. This is like having a Ford Festiva trying to plow through a roadblock full of Hummers. 

Yes, Willie has broken a few long runs up the middle, but only after very, very large holes have been opened up. I could break some long runs up the middle through some of these holes.

The guy has Ferrari speed so why not send him to outside where there is a lot more room for him to work? Now that I think about it, Parker isn't doing that well to the outside either.

It's time to park Parker. I'm not talking about short-term parking; I'm talking long-term parking way, way out in the economy lot. You know the one...you have to take a cab, two shuttles, and hiking boots to get there. And once you do get there, you have to continually press the lock/un-lock button on your key fob to make the lights go on and off because you forgot where you parked.

The Steelers need to give up on finding this car and just buy a new or pre-owned one.