BCS Rankings Week 14: Predicting the Biggest Differences Between the BCS and AP

William PenfieldCorrespondent IINovember 27, 2011

BCS Rankings Week 14: Predicting the Biggest Differences Between the BCS and AP

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    With so many different polls in college football there are likely to be many differences between the lot of them.

    The AP Poll is not taken into account in the BCS rankings so the differences between the two are going to be greater than any other two.

    Some weeks the AP gets things right that the BCS didn't and other weeks the BCS gets things right that the AP didn't.

    With the latest AP Poll just released, lets predict the biggest differences between it and the BCS rankings that will be released later tonight. 

Arkansas Razorbacks

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    AP ranking: No. 6

    Projected BCS ranking: No. 8

    After the loss to LSU, the AP Poll only dropped Arkansas three spots to No. 6. When the BCS rankings are released, look for them to drop even more to around No. 8.

    The Razorbacks got blown out and the beat down they took will force them to drop down below teams like Houston and Oregon, both behind Arkansas in the AP Poll. 

Oklahoma Sooners

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    AP ranking: No. 13

    Projected BCS ranking: No. 9

    This will be one of the biggest disparities between the two polls.

    All season long Oklahoma has been higher in the BCS rankings than in the AP and that will continue this week.

    The Sooners will likely be ranked No. 9 in the new BCS rankings, four spots higher than their ranking in the AP Poll. 

Michigan State Spartans

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    AP ranking: No. 11

    Projected BCS ranking: No. 14

    The Spartans will have an opportunity to lock up a position in the Rose Bowl if they can win the rematch with Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game.

    But for now, they will remain at No. 14 in the BCS rankings after staying ranked at No. 11 in the AP Poll for the second straight week. 

USC Trojans

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    AP ranking: No. 9

    BCS ranking: N/A

    Over the past couple weeks the USC Trojans have proven they are one of the elite teams in college football by knocking off the Oregon Ducks.

    If not for their NCAA sanctions, USC would be heading to the Pac-12 Championship game with a shot at a BCS bowl.

    With the way this team is playing right now, it would be great to see a rematch between the Trojans and the Ducks but unfortunately for us this will not happen as USC's season is over. 

    Reggie Bush owes this team a sincere apology.