Joe Kapp, Angelo Mosca Fight Video: Watch CFL Legends Engage in Shocking Brawl

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It was former Hamilton Tiger-Cat Angelo Mosca's sideline hit on Willie Fleming in the 1963 Grey Cup that knocked the B.C. Lions' running game out.

Well, unfortunately for Mosca, Joe Kapp was on that same Lions team and apparently he still holds a grudge.

At a pleasant CFL Alumni Association luncheon on Friday, Mosca and Kapp were being honored. Little did everyone know that they would engage in a full-on brawl.

Kapp walked over to Mosca with some flowers, apparently baiting him. Then he decided to attack Mosca with the flowers. Mosca responded by thrashing back with his cane, which equaled two uppercuts from Kapp and, well, down goes Mosca into the curtains.

After the dust had settled and Mosca was being helped up from the floor, Kapp yelled, "Sportsmanship!"

The crowd, well, wasn't impressed, calmly admonishing him to, "Let it go, Joe."

His response was classic.

"I'm trying to let it go!"

Mosca famously played the bad-guy role as a professional wrestler after his hit on Fleming in 1963. His autobiography was entitled, Tell Me to My Face.

Onlookers confirmed that the act wasn't staged and that it was indeed the result of simply a bitter rivalry that hasn't died down nearly 50 years later.

And we think the NFL is physical and rough in America.

Try playing in the CFL. You're in constant fear, always wondering if you will have to use your cane for survival.

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