MMA Fighters Inspire New Mixed Drink Names

Jason CottierAnalyst IDecember 21, 2008

This is an idea I got from a British MMA magazine I ended up finding at the store.  When I read the few they had in there I laughed hysterically.  I will include those in this article. 

The Josh Koscheck:  It makes you feel very accomplished, even though you are doing very little.

The Sean Sherk:  It looked like orange was I supposed to know the effect it would have?

The Chuck Liddell:  Your friends used to be knocked out by it years ago, but a natural tolerance pretty much makes it look like a sissy drink.

The Greg Jackson:  The one that makes the Chuck Liddell look matter how you mix it.

The Wanderlei Silva:  You try to be macho with this one, but it hits like a buzz saw, and you wake up the next morning regretting everything.

One time I tried to make a Chuck Liddell, but I went a little overboard with the Tequila, so like everyone else I was thinking Chuck, but ended up with a Rashad Evans.

The Brock Lesnar:  After a few of these you'll be on top of the world...too bad it won't last very long.

The Tim Sylvia:  It runs right through you.

The Houston Alexander:  It looks really good at first, but after a couple you realize it's missing something.

The Mirko Cro Cop:  You hear about how good they are til you experience it for yourself, then it's letdown city.

The Jesse Taylor:  You piss yourself and get kicked out, and no one cares.

The Roger Huerta:  After a few you think you are 10 feet tall, but for some reason you have followers that believe the same thing.

The Ken Shamrock:  You don't realize that you should have quit a long time ago.

The Urijah Faber:  It looks so weak, but you definitely do not want to underestimate it.

The Lodune Sincaid:  Lots of fruit in this one.

The Krzystof Soszynski:  It takes way too long to make and the only one that will enjoy it is you.