Alabama Football: 7 Things Alabama Won in This Year's Iron Bowl

Larry BurtonSenior Writer INovember 26, 2011

Alabama won a lot more than just a game today.
Alabama won a lot more than just a game today.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Larry Burton (Syndicated Writer)

Alabama won a lot more than just a football game today with a 42-14 win over Auburn.

1. They won their shot to the BCS national championship game.

This was a game that Alabama couldn't afford to not do better than expectations, and they were set pretty high by not just Las Vegas, at 21 points, but by the media who wanted to see Alabama's offense get back on track.

It's now clear to every legitimate voter that Alabama is clearly the second-best team in the nation by winning by 28 points at the home field of their biggest rival.

2. They may have just won Trent Richardson a Heisman Trophy.

It was not just the yardage he ran for, but the manner in which he did it. He swatted Auburn players aside like little children and moved piles of Auburn players for additional yardage all day long.

3. They won the eyes and perhaps hearts of a lot of recruits.

This was a day that may get a lot of "on the fence" recruits to jump on the Alabama bandwagon.

4. They won state bragging rights back with an exclamation mark.

When Auburn won by one measly point last season, there was still doubt if the best team really won. There's no confusion about this year's contest. Auburn was taken to the wood shed and spanked severely.

5. They totally demoralized the Auburn fanbase.

The fans were pouring out of Jordan-Haire Stadium faster than water ran into the Titanic. Fans couldn't get away from the stench of that game fast enough. Few were left to hear Alabama fans singing the "Rammer Jammer" song to the Auburn team.

6. They added to the history of big Bama wins vs. Auburn wins where they just squeaked by.

This 28-point pounding just adds to that history of Iron Bowl blowouts.

7. Momentum

With this game, they won momentum. The team can now believe in both the offensive and defensive units again and have full faith in them with the BCS game up next.