WWE Smackdown: Is Daniel Bryan Slowly Turning Heel?

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterNovember 26, 2011

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan flys off the ropes during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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He has to be.

That is the only explanation I can come up with.

An "honorable" man sure does not take advantage of a weakened opponent. A man "confident in his wrestling abilities" sure would not take any shortcuts to get the World title.

A man as respected inside the ring as Daniel Bryan does not need a "fluke" title victory, right? Surely he can beat any man fair and square, right?

These past few weeks with Daniel Bryan have just been ridiculous. If he was really just after the World title and did not have any pride or honor, where was he at Vengeance? You know, when the ring exploded and Mark Henry and Big Show were both down for the count?

Where was his cash-in then? Surely he does not care to honor his word anymore. He said he wouldn't "be like other Money in the Bank winners." Well, guess what? You are slowly becoming "just like the rest."

Why not just cash in at WWE Survivor Series? Was he not in town, like the announcers hinted at, or was he still deciding on his future with the briefcase, even though he teased the same the week prior on a Smackdown telecast?

Well, his teases the past few weeks officially took a turn for the worst last night. He officially cashed in the briefcase. On his own. On a weakened champion, just like he vowed not to do.

I do not know about any of you, but all of it just screams heel turn. Please save the "tweener" responses. I want a face, and I want a heel. Enough blurring of the lines in the wrestling business!

Not only did his cash-in not go according to plan, he now has another shot at the World title this Tuesday night in a steel cage. He made Cody Rhodes tap out to earn the No. 1 contender slot.

Wow, imagine that? He EARNED a title shot. Just like his Money in the Bank victory, yet unlike his attempt to cash in earlier that night on Mark Henry...

There are just so many mixed signals here on his character. Again, he only has two options in my mind here:

1. Turn heel.

2. Cash in at WrestleMania 28 fair and square.

Right now, he is trying to do both, and I am not a fan. He has to pick a side and stay there for the next few months! With that being said, where do we all go from this point forward?

Well, he is going to lose Tuesday night. Mark Henry is NEVER, ever losing his World title, so that outcome is easy to predict. However, what happens after the match?

Does he make yet another vow to fans that he will cash in at WrestleMania? Why should fans believe him this time around? He clearly lied about his "honorable intentions" on cashing in the first time.

Or is all of this leading to a Daniel Bryan that is about to snap and become a heel? One that is sick of losing and being looked down upon for being called a "nerd" by Michael Cole? That sure seems to be the direction this he's headed because he certainly has not been acting like a face lately.

What do you folks think? Is his cash-in at WrestleMania officially thrown out? Is he slowly becoming a heel? What is going to happen after next Tuesday night's live Smackdown? Let me know...


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