Boston Celtics Rumors: Desperate Allen Iverson Signing Would End Title Hopes

Michael DixonAnalyst IIINovember 26, 2011

CHICAGO - FEBRUARY 20: Allen Iverson #3 of the Philadelphia 76ers is slow to get up after being hit in the face during a game against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center on February 20, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bulls defeated the 76ers 122-90. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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The NBA lockout is over. Well, ESPN is reporting that a tentative agreement has been reached. I am still reserving my right to remain pessimistic until players are on the court, but let's assume that this is the real deal.

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe is reporting that Allen Iverson would be interested in going to the Boston Celtics. That's a move that would help Iverson a lot more than it would help the Celtics.

Iverson's always been a polarizing player. So, let's start by looking at the numbers, which aren't polarizing.

Iverson hasn't played a full season since the 2007-08 campaign. That was actually the last time where he played 60 or more games. This season will have 66. Granted, he was still a decent scorer, but that's not a surprise. Scoring has always been Iverson's best dimension.

Iverson didn't play at all in the NBA last season. Washburn gave us some insight as to why. 

Iverson turned off many NBA executives by leaving the Grizzles because they used him as a bench player. He persuaded the 76ers that he was ready to return to form and contribute to a young team but he left the club because of personal issues and never returned. He hasn’t played in the NBA since February 2010, and even a brief stint with a Turkish team ended prematurely because of a calf injury.

Now, with Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen in the backcourt, Iverson would be nothing more than a bench player in Boston.

Washburn quoted Iverson's manager Gary Moore, who didn't think that would be a problem.

I think that is so overplayed. He said it on more than one occasion. And I’ve always known that. I think it was taken out of context. Allen would accept any role. Anything he can do to help a ball team is what he will be able to do.

Still, it's hard to not look at the past and wonder how long that would last.

In a short season, you really can't afford any turmoil. Losing streaks are going to be magnified. Certainly, nobody is going to go undefeated, but an extended losing streak could make the difference between home-court advantage, or even making the playoffs.

It's not a stretch to say that any turmoil that Iverson brings in would directly lead to a losing streak. That applies to anyone, but Iverson's got the history. 

Sure, he can still score, but not enough to make up for all of the drama that comes with him. 

No, the Celtics need to go younger. If they find a quality, young players that can step in and give their older stars rest, I'd be all for it.

But there's nothing particularly appealing about Iverson anymore. A team like the Celtics would only be hurting themselves.


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