Broadcasting Stuff from the Week (Including Al Michaels and Michael Kay)

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IDecember 21, 2008

This post about Michael Kay got a lot of attention. One of the things I brought up was my suspicion that Kay doesn't like the regular folks.

I don't know where Kay stays or doesn't stay when on the road. For all I know, he stays on a friend's couch and walks to the stadium. Bob Raissman wrote in today's news about some other announcers:

Does the cost-cutting at networks extend to the lavish perks enjoyed by marquee sports voices?

For example, take NBC Sports. Those who traveled here for Sunday night's Panthers-Giants tilt have to stay somewhere. Believe me, Al Michaels ain't flopping at no Motel 6 in Piscataway. A man of Al-Exigente's stature is more likely to take his wakeup calls at the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan.

The dude probably checked into a suite Thursday night. Four nights in a Season's suite cost $12,485.25 (including tax). That's living la-la-large—Daddy-O.

Again, maybe Kay sleeps in a tent on the street, what do I know? I do know Kay said on his radio show that paying $10 a seat is the same as paying $25 a seat, so I'm guessing he isn't as affected by the economy as you are.

By the way, I actually like Kay on the radio, but he's out of touch on this one.

Raissman also mentioned Lee Mazzilli may get a job with the new MLB Network. Cool.

Also this week, got some attention about this: Alleged Racist Angels Fans who don't seem to upset that K-Rod left.

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