Hector Lombard: Why the Bellator Champion Is Not the Man to Beat Anderson Silva

Kyle GibbonsAnalyst IIINovember 26, 2011

Photo is property of Combatlifestyle.com
Photo is property of Combatlifestyle.com

I recently read a well-written article titled Hector Lombard: Is He the Man To Beat Anderson Silva? It was an article that was so thought provoking that it even made its way onto the famed mma.tv website.

The article goes on to highlight some of the more significant attributes as to why Hector Lombard, through hard work and determination, has positioned himself as a considerable threat to the UFC’s greatest champion.

Now I understand that the article is based on theory and could even be considered a “dream” matchup for some. But not for me. I’m here to tell you that if Lombard ever found himself in the octagon across from the legendary mixed martial artist Anderson Silva, it wouldn’t end well.

Why am I so certain?

Tristan Yunker.

Some of you may not know who Tristan Yunker is, but I assure you if you were to ask any matchmaker in the United States, they would know.

I most assuredly know who he is.

Tristan Yunker is a good friend and former teammate/roommate, who even comes equipped with a "special move."

Many a foe have fallen victim (even myself in training) to the “Tarantula,” which is Yunker’s signature finishing move. The “Tarantula” is essentially a modified arm bar using the legs that is executed from the scarf hold position.

It is also the very same technique that Yunker used to take Clay Guida’s back and sink in a rear naked choke for a prominent victory in 2007 at King of the Cage: Redemption on the River.

I guess I failed to mention that the Yunker finished Guida in under two minutes of the first round in only is ninth fight as a professional mixed martial artist.


Yunker is a guy who like Hector Lombard literally lived to fight and is pretty good at it. Some fighters just have that "it" factor that other fighters can’t find through training and preparation, but Yunker does.

So why in referencing a pale white central Indiana native, am I so sure that Hector Lombard would not and could not defeat the “Spider?”

I reference Yunker for only one reason.

In 2008, he found himself in Sydney, Australia, standing in the Cage Fighting Championship cage across from none other than…Hector Lombard.

Not only did Yunker accept the fight on extremely short notice, but as a fighter who typically fights in the Welterweight division, he almost finished the current Bellator Middleweight Champion Hector Lombard…in the first round.

Yunker in all actuality is what some people in the sport would consider a pure grappler.

The SparkNotes version of the Yunker vs. Lombard matchup is that Yunker came out and asserted himself as the aggressor. He walked through two powerful right hands from Lombard and fought to execute a beautiful Judo throw.

To elaborate, Hector Lombard is a nine-time International Judo Federation medalist and a member of the 2000 Cuban Olympic team.

Then, in an instant, at only 20 seconds into the first round, it was almost over.

From side control Yunker secured Lombard’s inside arm and established himself in the scarf hold position. Then he did what he always does from that position, he looked to apply the “Tarantula.”

Yunker was literally inches away from securing the “Tarantula” and taking out the heavily favored Hector Lombard, a victory that would have most assuredly changed the enitre landscape of today' s Middleweight division worldwide.

Yunker would go on to lose the position and ultimately the fight to the more physically powerful Hector Lombard at 3:10 in the first round.

So again, why do I reference Tristan Yunker in analyzing how well Lombard would fair against Anderson Silva?

Because, Yunker is no Anderson Silva. Silva is far superior in every aspect of mixed martial arts competition than Yunker himself is (Yunker will say that Silva isn't a better wrestler than he is).

Silva is the most powerfully efficient counter striker on the entire planet.

And as a counter striker myself, I know two things.

Big, strong power punchers such as Lombard leave openings, and openings get you knocked out.

Essentially, Yunker is to Lombard as Lombard is to Silva. Lombard has the tools to make a run at Silva, but in the end he would just become another victim.

Silva over Lombard at 3:00 in the first round, that’s giving Anderson time to dance around.