Listen Up, Detroit Critics: Do Not Associate the City With Its Football Team

Josh APContributor IDecember 21, 2008

Like most of America, I fully expect these pathetic pussycats called the Detroit Lions to go 0-16.  They have no offensive or defensive line, no receiver except Calvin Johnson, no defense, and no secondary.  I mean, I'm 5'6", weigh 135 lbs., and can't throw a football more than 30 yards, but I could carve up this Lions defense with no problem.  Anyways, we all can accept the fact that the Lions are awful.

After their latest embarrassing loss against the New Orleans Saints, which gave the Lions the record for worst start in NFL history at 0-15, I was reading message boards on CBS, ESPN, and Yahoo, which consisted of people around America not only criticizing the Lions, but also the City.

Now, to every American out there, whether you live in Michigan or out of the state, I have a message for you: Shut up.

First of all, I am a New England Patriots fan living about 30 miles North of Detroit, and I have never been to a Lions game.  However, I am sick of people associating the city with the team. 

The Lions are bad.  They have a terrible, mindless coach who has no clue what to do.  They have an owner who cares only about bringing in some big dollars and a team that has only one legit NFL starter.  However, on media stations and message boards, people are attacking the city.

For example, Saints fans are comparing how quickly they recovered from the Katrina disaster with how bad the city of Detroit has always been.  There are people saying that Detroit is the dumpster of America and is the *bleep* hole of the world. 

Now, I agree with that.  Detroit has a high crime rate, it is dirty, and we had a corrupt mayor.  What I am really upset with is the attacks on the people of Detroit.  Just because the city is all those horrible things doesn't mean the people are.  When you bring race in the conservation and you start calling people names like people have, you are simply out of line.

In fact, Detroit has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, but I can still drive all around the city and state and find thousands of people volunteering and helping others more needy.  Actually, out of all the places where I have lived, Detroit has some of the kindest people in the world. 

Plus, if you think about it, Detroit can't be all that bad.  Yeah, the stats are there to show that Detroit isn't a great place, but sports wise, we're doing pretty good.  The NFL allowed us to host the Super Bowl; the NCAA is allowing Detroit to host the Final Four; we had the All-Star game a few years ago; we had the World Series; we had the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals; and we had the PGA Championship.

Yeah, stats say Detroit is awful, but there are some great things here.  Plus, Detroit was voted the Best Sports City in America in 2007.

Of course, the Lions suck.  But give me a break—don't be associating how bad the Lions are with how bad Detroit is.  Detroit is not the best city, obviously, but we're not the worse.  I'm not going to start naming cities because that would be hypocritical, but still, leave the people of Michigan and Detroit out of it.

Before you judge any people from Michigan or Detroit, come here and see what it's like.  Don't just listen to the media or movies; Detroit can be a pretty good city.

So, on behalf of all Michiganders and people from Detroit, please listen up: Stop associating us with our terrible football team, because it's just not fair.