Can Someone Explain to Me Why Daniel Bryan Is so Popular with the IWC?

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Can Someone Explain to Me Why Daniel Bryan Is so Popular with the IWC?

I’ve been a fan of wrestling since the territory days, had subscriptions to Pro Wrestling Illustrated and the sister publications, went to house shows and PPV events (the original Survivor Series and WrestleMania 24) and was even sick enough to “watch” the scrambled PPVs. 

Living in Tampa, I have had relationships ranging from meeting to acquaintances and becoming friends with several professional wrestlers, where I got a unique opportunity to get some real inside stories about the behind-the-scenes events and stories from the wrestlers themselves.

As the years have gone by, I was a kid during the 1980s Wrestling Boom and a perfect fit for the Attitude Era demographic target.  And ultimately, I’m at a point where I have largely outgrown being a “full-time” pro wrestling fan. 

Just like most of the guys who were part of that male demographic that was the target market of the Monday Night Wars, responsibilities and priorities change, but I find myself watching the show from time to time and keeping up through the websites. 

When I see news like the Rock coming back or similar, it motivates me to tune in, and of course, I get to see the next generation of WWE stars.

The majority of the talent really is nowhere near the level of the roster from the 1980s and 1990s.  But that does not surprise me in the least – the way wrestlers developed by working through different promotions and paying their dues is a completely different world than how FCW “develops” talent. 

I’ll save the article about the poor talent development strategy for another time. What I really want to understand is why a guy (Daniel Bryan) who came to WWE from outside the OVW and FCW corporate development structure is so popular with the IWC.  

By reading Bleacher Report articles, one would be under the impression he was as hot as Hulk Hogan was after he was in Rocky III, but the greatest promoter in the history of the professional wrestling business is not building the future of his company around him and when I watch him...I see nothing special. 

So, I’m looking for someone to explain to me what is it about him that makes the IWC consider him to be so great.

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