Alabama Football: The Razorbacks Didn't Muddy the Water for Alabama

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Alabama Football: The Razorbacks Didn't Muddy the Water for Alabama
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images
Alabama fans are glad the Hogs didn't muddy the water.

Larry Burton (Syndicated Writer)

The only thing that could go wrong for the Alabama Crimson Tide this weekend is a very unlikely loss to Auburn and a big win for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

A big Razorback win could have propelled them to No. 1 in the rankings and left the voters and computers wondering how low LSU should go.

Since the Tigers did defeat the Crimson Tide, should they be dropped below them?

That would have been the $99 question for the BCS voters.

Fortunately, it is not a question they'll have to ponder now if you're an Alabama fan. The path is now clear, the fortunes of the team are now clearly back in their own hands and the rematch that so many didn't want to see seems assured at this point.

But just for a laugh, consider the mess should Alabama be upset by Auburn. Think of the arguments that could fly about.

For the sake of sportswriters everywhere, let's hope that Auburn doesn't muddy the waters like Arkansas could have.

With most of the nation having resigned itself to an all SEC BCS Championship Game, let us all just hope for sanity's sake that this is indeed what happens.

But if you're a two-loss Oklahoma State fan, a two-loss Stanford fan, a two-loss Virginia Tech fan, an undefeated Houston fan or a one-loss Boise fan, I guess you're praying for all the mud the river can hold.

And that is college football.

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