Yao Ming: NBA Legend's Future Rests in Expensive Wine Venture

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Yao Ming: NBA Legend's Future Rests in Expensive Wine Venture
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What do you do when a tremendous opportunity in the NBA is ripped from you because of injuries? Well, if you're Yao Ming, you delve into the fine wine market. 

The man who is bigger than life itself has created some wine that is as expensive as some life savings. ChinaDaily.com reports on the latest venture of the former Houston Rockets center. 

It seems that Yao still has a craving for competition, and that has lead him to the delectable world of wine. His latest batch will be auctioned by Special Olympics East Asia. 

As the reports states, Yao Family Wines has released its inaugural wine named Yao Ming. The first batch is a 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and goes for a handsome price. 

The magnum bottle, which holds 1.5 liters, goes for 3,800 yuan or about $596. For that price, I would hope that Yao shows up, cooks you dinner and write you a check for $400. 

There are some that think he is spreading himself much too thin in retirement. Jiang Decheng, a longtime fan of the legendary hoopster, stated, "I am afraid that this will slightly lower his public standing," citing how far Ming plans on going into business. 

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That sentiment is not shared by all and is quite laughable. I am sure the wine is an excellent and rare prize for connoisseurs, but Yao Ming could slap his name on pretty much anything and call it gold. 

Despite never living up to expectations, many NBA fans love what Yao Ming stood for and the effort he gave every night he was healthy, which as we all know, weren't many. 

Yao may be retired, but he runs a basketball team, continues to lead charitable causes and studies at a university in Shanghai. So what's a little wine to top it off? If price is any indication, Yao is succeeding in that realm as well. 

I only wish I had an extra 600 bucks to try some. Maybe I will get some Charles Shaw, watch NBA classic and make believe I am downing some expensive Yao-vinted beverage. Sounds perfect. 

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